Yellow Ribbons for Safety

We’ve all been there: Taking our dog for a walk when we see another pet owner coming our direction. There’s usually a bit of uncertainty, and maybe even anxiety involved, especially if you have a child with you. You’re probably thinking:

  • Can I identify the breed and feel comfortable knowing that the dog is likely safe?
  • Does the dog look harmless or anxious?
  • Maybe I should just steer clear altogether and cross to the other side of the path…

Thankfully, The Yellow Dog Project is a nonprofit global organization working to solve this very dilemma. Their concept is simple, really: If you own a dog that may have trouble with strangers, fear issues or even get overexcited when meeting new friends, you can simply tie a yellow ribbon on your dogs leash or collar to alert others to the situation in advance.

This technique can also help teach your children how to correctly approach a new animal, thus avoiding an incident or danger.

Please stop in and visit us today as we begin supporting this effort with our own yellow ribbons!