Winterize Your Cat!

Time to winterize your cat! Yes that’s cat, not car.

Cats are way more self-sufficient than your Toyota or Taurus. This article from Pet MD gives excellent tips for your cat to make it through the colder months easily.

They instinctively respond to seasonal change, even without reminders to turn the clocks back, signaling the end of Daylight Saving Time. They know the shadows are different, and the brilliant blue sky stays overhead a shorter time before dissolving into smoky gray. No need for retail sales on boots and winter coats: even as the leaves tumble by, cats’ coats are thickening in anticipation of chilly days ahead.

And cats meticulously keep those coats in shape: just as they cool themselves by washing and slicking down their fur in summer, felines regulate their body temps in winter by fluffing up their coats with daily grooming. The unseen tiny barbs on their tongues—that’s why it feels so rough when they wash YOU—pull out the old fur while keeping the new growth lofty for maximum warmth.

Hairball Alert

All that extra grooming means a hairball alert—yucky for your home, not good for Tiger. To reduce the amount of fur your cat takes in, help him groom with a daily brushing. Some excellent grooming tools make a quick job of it, some even adding a massaging feel for your feline. If your cat resists, keep it casual, just a few swipes that gradually become a few more, reminding him that you’re helping so he can finish faster and get back to doing more interesting things like napping on your handmade quilt.  Offering a touch of hairball ointment on your fingertip a few times a week will also help keep things ‘moving on through,’ as the cat passes the fur he ingests.

Weight Watcher

During the winter, your cat may also slow down, and you may figure he doesn’t need to eat as much (like humans, animals can put on pounds in winter if they’re less active)! Before cutting serving size, chat with your vet. A growing kitten needs fuel to grow, but adult cats may benefit from cutting a few calories when the snow falls.  And your cat may be invigorated by the brisker air. Chateau Cat’s own consult-cats Starli and Shamrock celebrated fall’s arrival with a new routine of galloping furiously around through the rooms, up over furniture, under tables, at a pace that would challenge a racehorse. They take a timeout at a window, watching squirrels scurrying, or geese flying by, before another marathon round that preps them for a much-deserved nap.

Fireplace Safety

Got a fireplace? Your cat’s safety is a primary concern. Fireplace screens or doors are crucial, and when there’s no fire, keep the flue closed so an inquisitive tabby doesn’t decide to explore this strange enclosed space.

During autumn and winter, a cat will always find the warmest spot in any room, whether a stray sunbeam or the direct path of a radiator, so follow his lead and  you’ll both weather the frosty months in cozy fashion, filled with daydreams of spring!