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How to keep your pet safe, warm and cozy this winter

Avoid Rock Salt

With the winter frosts and snow come the dangerous slippery sidewalks and icy driveways. Unfortunately, the rock salt used to make our roads and walkways safer for our travel is not safer for our pets. Rock salt ingestion has harmful effects! It can cause gastrointestinal irritation, dehydration, and vomiting; extreme cases of rock salt poisoning can produce seizures and harm your pet’s kidneys. Even if not ingested, rock salt is rough on the pads of your pet’s paws and can lead to skin irritation, bleeding, and also chemical burns.

When searching for a pet safe salt product for your walkways, look for a formula free of salts and chlorides. These alternative products may be slightly more expensive but worth it. But even if you are conscientious in your ice-melting, your neighbors may not be; it may be better to stick to walking in the snow and off the ice as much as possible.

Use a Pet Paw Balm

While there are some better choices than rock salt for your walkways, no ice melt is truly 100% pet safe, and any rough salt can still tear up delicate paws. The Barkery offers a variety of natural balms to protect your furry companion’s feet. One easy to apply option is Musher’s Secret – a rich protective wax used for sled dogs in Canada. This non-toxic, fragrance-free formula is made with natural food-grade waxes and was developed to guard against “salt burn” caused by ice melting chemicals. Musher’s Secret prevents ice and snow build up on paws and between toes, but also acts as a protective moisturizing layer to keep paw pads from cracking and to seal the paw from excessive external moisture.

Don’t throw out your pet wax at the end of the winter! This wax comes in handy even in the summer months to soothe fly-bitten ears and to prevent paw burns caused by the hot asphalt.


Another way to safely guard your pet’s furry feet is with dog socks; these paw socks, or “Pawks” are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear, offering a secure grip for your pet’s paws. Pawks protect your dog from the slippery icy patches, the chemical melts, and the rough rock salt. These machine washable pet socks are a great year-round option since they will also guard against hot pavement in the summer and any debris or hazards on the ground. Pawks are available in sizes from extra small to extra large, and the checkout offers a sizing guide based on the weight of your dog. Check out the in-store options or order online to get your anti-slip socks for pets!

Choose a Fun Winter Outfit

Keep your dog warm with a coat or sweater! Pet sweaters are available in store so be sure to drop by and check out the fun options! Whether you and your pet are festive to the max or you prefer a simpler approach, the Barkery has a perfect pet sweater for you.

Monitor Protein Intake

Don’t stop at protecting your pet with outerwear; keep your pet safe and warm from the inside out!

If your dog is outside much of the time, you may need to gradually change your pet’s food for the season to increase her protein intake. If your dog is an indoor cuddler all winter, consider cutting back on his caloric intake – and watch the holiday treats – to prevent excessive winter weight gain. Either way, be sure to talk to us about the appropriate approach for your dog’s winter feeding plan.

Keep your pet safe and warm this winter season; the Barkery is here to help make your holidays with your pet happy and healthy.