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Why You Should Be Aware of the Latest FDA Compliance Policy

The FDA has released new information in relation to prescription pet food. Veterinarians and those that buy prescription pet food should make themselves aware of this new FDA compliance policy.  For years, the FDA has not allowed any food to claim that it may cure or treat illnesses the way that a drug can.

The FDA has recently allowed all prescription pet food brands to claim that they can help cure or treat illnesses or diseases, without having to actually prove that they do, or even that it’s safe for your pet to consume.Brookside Barkery

Some common ingredients in prescription pet food are whole grain corn, animal fat and animal digest. Whole grain corn, surely a GMO and comprised of glyphosate (a possible carcinogen) is believed by the FDA to cure or treat kidney disease. Animal fat and animal digest are believed by the FDA to do the same, even though the animals that they sourced from were diseased or non-slaughtered/dead animals (a federal law violation – the same laws the FDA should be enforcing).

To make it even worse, the FDA doesn’t require these companies that produce the pet food to prove that the food is even safe for your animals to consume. They make Veterinarians responsible for learning the definition of each ingredient – some of which are linked to cancer, intestinal lesions, ulcerations, and malignant tumors.

Vets should take some time to read the latest FDA Compliance Policy about prescription pet foods.