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No matter how extravagant the cat toy, it’s a known fact that cats are more interested in one thing – the cardboard box it came in. But, why is this? The cat lovers at Brookside Barkery have gotten to the bottom of why our feline friends are drawn to their cardboard castles.


For cats, boxes are a stress reducing safe zone. When hiding in their box, they can observe their environment while eliminating the option of a predator sneaking up on them. Us humans and other pets have to come directing into their field of vision – so no surprises are in store. When cats get spooked, their initial reaction is to run and hide. The perfect safe space? A cardboard box!


Cardboard boxes make for great insulation! The combination of cardboard’s insulation and the small space of a box makes for the perfect area for your kitty to curl up and relax. Whether your home is hot or cold, the insulation of a cardboard box help regulate your cat’s body temperature – creating the perfect temperature for a cat nap.


Cardboard is the perfect texture for your cat to scratch and bite. Cats love the feeling of digging their claws into a cardboard box while stretching or simply just to play. Many cat owners find their cats have shredded their cardboard box to bits after all of their biting and scratching. To your kitty, a simple cardboard box is interesting enough to keep them entertained for days.

While all of these reasons make up why cats love cardboard boxes, they all seem to have one thing in common – cats love confined, enclosed spaces. So, the next time your kitty doesn’t acknowledge the fancy toy you bought them and goes straight for the box, remember they are safe, cozy and entertained.