Weruva: So much goodness, so many ways.

We’ve done a lot of kibble specials.  And we’ve done a lot of specials about raw food.

But we’ve never done a monthly special this awesome for cans.   So for July, we’re swinging for the fences with one of the best: WERUVA.

Weruva is one of our best sellers thanks to the huge variety of flavors and top-notch quality of their ingredients. But we want more folks to give it a try. So for the entire month of July, we’re doing a BUY 3, GET 1 FREE deal on all Weruva cans.

“Oh, so what,” you say. “There probably aren’t that many cans.”  Au contraire, Valued Customer.

Cat owners rejoice! This special is right up your alley.  You already know that cats NEED moisture and the best way to get it into cats (notoriously poor water-drinkers) is with canned food. Weruva cans average 78% moisture.  In other words, they’re water, meat, and nutrients. These are things your cats are designed to eat. Cats, after all, are obligate carnivores.

For cats, Weruva boasts several varieties: Truluxe sits at the top of the pyramid, featuring premium formulas.  Then there’s the original Can line (the one that made Weruva a bestseller!). The red tuna-based BFF line is perfect for more budget-conscious owners.  And finally the Cats in the Kitchen pouch and can line, which falls right between BFF and classic cans.  Something for every cat…and every budget.

Dog owners, you’re not left out! The canine line features the classic Can collection of proteins.  Human-grade ingredients that look and SMELL like human food. (Want proof? Ask a Barkery staffer who’s actually EATEN from a Weruva can at one of our training sessions.) If your dog prefers a more paté-like texture, the Kobe/Kurobuta line features the best beef and pork in any canned food (in addition to organic chicken and turkey!) The Kobe line is also grain-free.

So this is your month!  Head in to the Barkery and discover Weruva in July.  There’s never been an easier way to save more money on a great food.