Ways You Can Save at the Barkery!

Brookside Barkery & Bath appreciates our customers, and have three different programs to reward them for purchases and visits to any location, as well as incentives for referring others to us. See more details below to learn how you can be rewarded for making your pets Brookside Barkery pets!


Brookside Barkery& Bath has been here for more than a decade and a big reason for that is the loyalty of our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be here! To keep you coming back, we’ve got a terrific points-based loyalty program. The program is simple and can help you with immediate savings on Kansas City’s largest selection of natural pet food.

8460431477_28e0cfaabf_bHere’s how it works: For every purchase you make, you accrue points. Our computer keeps track of every point you earn. We do all the work, and you get the savings. And here’s the best part: You can cash in your points anytime to save money on any purchase you like!

And, like they say, the more you spend, the more you save. Save your points up for big purchases, or just knock a couple bucks off of a smaller purchase. They’re your points, use them however you like!

Here are a few ways you can earn points:

  • Every dollar spent at the Barkery = .01 cents back
  • Large bags of dog food = 2x points
  • Self service baths = 10x points
  • Canned food = 5x points
  • Refer a friend = 300 points
  • Note: Loyalty points cannot be redeemed on grooming services


Did you have a great experience? Tell a friend!

Loyalty has its rewards, especially if you share your enthusiasm about the Barkery with friends!

So here’s an online referral card! Print it out, give it to a friend and invite them to shop Kansas City’s largest selection of natural pet food – or they can grab a bath for their pet! If they come in with your referral card, we’ll reward you with a $5 gift certificate and your friend with a $10 gift certificate!  Feel free to print one out in our stores as well.  We have laptops and printers available for your use!

Invite-a-Friend color ver


Join our VIP TEXT CLUB by texting BARKERY to 64600 now! We occasionally send out awesome specials/offers that will have you and your pup dancing all the way to our front door!