Want to know what allergies or sensitivities your pet has? We can do that!

Among the most common problems we see at the Barkery are pets with food allergies or environmental sensitivities.  These things can cause powerful immune system responses leading to inflammation and a host of other health concerns.

Until now, it was mostly guesswork.  Trial and error.  Careful questioning of customers, then looking at the ingredient panels of the foods they fed.

But dogs can be allergic to a lot more than just chicken or beef.  Things like crabgrass and yes, even pollen can cause an allergic reaction.

But now we’ve got a way to find out EXACTLY what stresses your pet and PRECISELY what causes allergic reactions.

With the new Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak, you can look at no fewer than 300 food and environmental factors that may disturb your pet’s homeostasis. That means knowing how to craft a PERFECT diet to help your pet live their longest, healthiest life.

The test will involve mailing in a couple of swabs with your pet’s saliva, and a bit of their hair.  Within days, you’ll have the results!  And we’re offering it at a special rate of $75.  Only $75 to give your pet the perfect diet AND eliminate allergens!  And the data you’ll get will amaze you.

And when you test your pet, the Barkery will provide a free Nutrition Consultation to work with you and with the results of the test, guiding your selections on food, treats, and supplements to make sure we’re giving your pet exactly what they need.