Are your pets in danger of catching coronavirus?

It’s important to understand that “coronavirus” actually refers to a large family of viruses, similar to the regular flu, and does not refer to one specific illness. Some of the viruses infect humans and some affect animals, but it is fairly rare for these illnesses to overlap and affect both humans and animals.

Feline coronavirus is actually pretty common among household cats and is generally either asymptomatic or only noticeable by mild diarrhea. This illness is not shown to be transmittable to humans. Dogs also have the potential to receive a form of coronavirus called canine respiratory coronavirus. This is not the same virus we see spreading, and it is truly not a big threat to their long-term health – certainly not to yours.

The specific virus on the news today is called COVID-19 so the real question is: can COVID-19 affect your pets?

People have become concerned for their beloved companions due to reports of a tiger in a New York zoo becoming infected with COVID-19, as well as rumors of a small number of dogs contracting the illness as well.

Truly there is no real evidence of COVID-19 affecting pets or being transmitted from humans to pets or vice-versa. As far as regular coronaviruses go, there are already medications and vaccinations in place to help with these illnesses. While you may be concerned about COVID-19, please remember to never take any medication meant for animals, as well as to never administer your medication to them.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please seek medical attention. Exercise caution, isolating from pets as well as people just to be on the safe side. Refrain from kissing your pets or sharing dishes. As a matter of fact, even if you have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, it’s a good rule of thumb to practice proper hygiene anyway.

Here are some quick tips for keeping you and your pets safe, happy and healthy:

  1. Wash your hands frequently!
  2. Avoid sharing bedding, towels, dishes, or utensils with your pets.
  3. Take regular walks – maintaining a proper social distance of six feet, of course.

Exercise proper caution and use good hygiene, and you should have nothing to worry about! Stay updated on our COVID-19 response and make sure to check out our online shopping options! The Brookside Barkery and Bath is here to support the wellness of your home and everyone in it!

For more information, please visit the official CDC news release. Thank you!