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Three Tips for Your Cat This Holiday Season

The holidays bring changes to your home and lifestyle. Most cats have issues with any changes in their environment. From the decorations to the parties, your cat will be affected by the holidays. Brookside Barkery wants to help you keep your pet happy and healthy during this festive season! Here are 3 tips to keep your cat safe and your home in one piece.

BarkeryHoliday tips for cats #1 – Part of your holiday fun is decorating your home and Christmas tree. Many of us like to add garlands and other shiny decorations. These can be very attractive to cats, especially if it tends to move – even the slightest bit, as cats are attracted to movement. It triggers their prey drive, which is very strong in felines. Tinsel can be very dangerous to cats if ingested, it can cause blockages and prove fatal. Instead of using tinsel, garland or icicles, use a thick, wide ribbon, or felt rings. While anything new is likely to intrigue your cat, using something your cat is less likely to digest will be safer.

Holiday tips for cats #2 – Cats love to frolic, but they rarely enjoy loud parties. In fact, most will run and hide because all the noise and activity can be frightening. It not only disrupts their quiet home, but there are also people coming into your house that they don’t recognize. It is best to place your cat in a quiet room where he or she will not be bothered. Put their water and food dishes in the room along with a clean litter box.

Holiday tips for cats #3 – Cats are rarely welcoming of strange cats, dogs and other new pets. The last thing you should do on a holiday is to bring home another pet or have a guest bring their pet into your home. Cats are very territorial and while dogs will normally welcome a new canine guest (and be happy to chase a new feline guest), your cat will merely become stressed by the newcomer.

Keep your cat happy and healthy this holiday season! Stop by the Barkery in either Brookside or Lee’s Summit and pick up some all-natural treats, food and all the necessary essentials for your furry feline!

*Thank you for the tips!