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Many of us are counting down the days to the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. Knowing how important it is to protect your eyes by wearing certified solar eclipse glasses may have you questioning if your pets’ eyes need to be protected too.

Does my dog need glasses?

Dogs experience the same burning feeling we do when looking at the sun, so it’s unlikely they would ignore their instincts and stare at the sun. Still, it is theoretically possible that a dog may decide to look at what everyone around them is looking and pointing at. You should use your own discretion about whether or not you feel it’s necessary to protect your dog’s eyes from the eclipse.
Dogs are creatures of habit, and will most likely be confused by the schedule of daylight on Monday. Some pets may mistake the solar eclipse for a storm or nighttime, which could cause your dog some anxiety or discomfort.
While dogs and cats may be confused by the eclipse, they’re more likely to be anxious about the crowds gathered to marvel at it. To avoid this possibility, and the possibility that your dog may look into the sun, we recommend just keeping your pets safely inside during the eclipse.
Since total solar eclipses are rare, there hasn’t been much reported research about how animals react. If you’re interested, the California Academy of Sciences is encouraging people to record eclipse-related animal behavior using the iNaturalist app.
To read more on what has been observed in animals during previous solar eclipses, you can check out this article and this news story.