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There is an abundance of winter worries that burden many pet owners in the frigid winter months.

It is important to keep pets safe from the elements from head-to-tail-to-toe. As the temperatures drop, so does the rock salt on sidewalks and driveways. Not every rock salt is safe for sensitive canine paws. Fortunately, there are safe options for paw protection.

Why Rock Salt Needs Your Attention:

Common sense would tell you that rock salt goes on the ground to melt the ice and it could have the same effect on the wet paws of pups big and small. Rock salt that is not pet safe can get wedged in between dog’s paw pads where it can heat up to around 170 degrees. That’s hot enough to cause painful burns that can cause your dog to lick his paws. This leads to a very vicious cycle of licking, additional moisture, pain and salt being spread to their mouths and more pain ensues. Rock salt can also lead to issues with a dog’s gastrointestinal system. On the extreme end of the spectrum, it can even trigger seizures in dogs that are attempting to remove the painful salt from its paws and ingests too much of the salt. Thus, it is crucial to use pet safe ice melts to melt snow and ice in your own yard.

Which Rock Salt is Safe to Use

At Brookside Barkery & Bath, we are proud to sell a product called Safe Paw. Here are some of the benefits of Safe Paw:

  • Safe Paw prides itself on being guaranteed environmentally safe. It will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.
  • Unused ice melt has an unlimited shelf life.
  • Safe Paw provides slip protection.
  • Safe Paw attracts heat to make it even more effective Endothermic reaction takes advantage of a solar effect.
  • It is salt free, chlorine free and acetate free. It won’t damage your cured concrete as it is non-corrosive and non-conductive.
  • Safe Paw lasts up to 72 hours and is also kid friendly.

Since no one has absolute control of their neighbors and public spaces, the question arises: how do you protect your dog from the rock salt of others? The winter months are an ideal month to purchase salves and balms to protect and moisturize paws. There are also special shoes sold at Barkery that protect paws from the elements.

Swing by Brookside Barkery & Bath today to grab a container of Safe Paw and peruse our products for all your winter necessities!