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Probiotic supplements are everywhere – you may even be taking one yourself! Just like us humans, probiotics have many benefits for your pet as well.

Probiotics are nutritional supplements containing live microorganisms (bacteria and/or yeast) which aid digestion and regulate the immune system. When a probiotic is ingested by your pet, it boosts the number of “good” microorganisms present in the GI tract, which helps them to outnumber the “bad” ones.

Studies have also shown that probiotic supplementation can help treat infections outside of the GI tract, including allergic and inflammatory diseases. This isn’t too surprising, considering a large portion of the body’s immune system is associated with the gut.

Brookside Barkery’s Favorite Probiotic Products:

NoteWe recommend rotating products to ensure a better balance in the gut.

Good bacteria are crucial for the health of your pet’s gut. They also support brain, digestion, assimilation of nutrients, and immune system. These reasons alone should be enough to start supplementing probiotics into your pet’s diet!

Want more information on the benefits of probiotic supplements for your pet? Come by either Brookside or Lee’s Summit Barkery location today! A member of our knowledgeable staff will help you select the best probiotic supplement for your pet to keep their health on track.