One of my fondest memories is Quila getting her nails trimmed. Weird, I know. But her entire life, she was an impossible dog to trim. Not only did she have quicks that went on for miles, she was strong. Her whole life, people would not heed my warning about her long quicks, and 99.9% of the time, snipped it, causing her to hate nail trims that much more. Until the Barkery. Quila came in and charmed everyone in the store. She was good at that. She had a very approachable and lovable sense about her. Even people who were petrified of dogs were drawn to her. Enter Alex. I told tales of woe from a life time of nail trim torture and I was reassured that would end. It did! Quila was so calm and trusting with Alex. She would lay down and not fight. Alex was so gentile and never clipped a quick. In the geriatric stage of your furbabies, you worry about their comfort and pain. After I started bringing her to the barkery, all of my worry went away. I knew she was in good loving hands and was not stressed in any way. It helps too that she got to pick her own treat. I made sure all my dogs were stress free in their last years, and the Barkery was a place that I will never forget. Quila loved everyone, but at the Barkery, it was clear she felt safe and elated. Her and Milli were also the best of friends who ignored each other the entire time they were together!