3 Tips for Owning an Indoor Cat

Although it’s safer for cats to stay indoors, it can be difficult for them to cope with being an indoor cat, particularly if they have a lot of energy or have previously spent time outside. That being said, there are tips that can make cohabitation easier for everyone involved when owning an indoor cat.  Here are three ways to keep indoor felines happy, healthy, active, and entertained.

Microchip your kitty.

If your cat doesn’t go outdoors, it probably doesn’t wear a collar. However, despite your best efforts, the more adventurous cat may still manage to escape. To make a happy reunion all the more likely, have your kitty outfitted with a microchip. The tiny—but critical—tech can be implanted during a routine visit to the vet, without anesthesia. (If you’re adopting from a shelter, it’s often included as part of the whole package.) It hurts only as much as a typical vaccination, lasts a lifetime, and can be scanned at a shelter or vet to reveal a unique ID number that—through a registered database—can connect kitty back to (a hugely relieved) you.

Set the stage for Cat TV.

Frankly, cats aren’t quite as street savvy as we are. Indoor cats have a significantly higher chance of being hurt or killed if they venture outside. However, they’re intrigued by motion and smell, so a securely screened window (aka Cat TV) can give them a taste of the outdoors and provide hours of entertainment for watching birds, squirrels, trees, cars, and pedestrians. (Don’t have a screen or need to shut the window for heat or the AC? Just pull aside the curtains or blinds; a closed window will do just fine.)

Think vertical.

Brookside BarkeryCats love climbing and chilling at high levels. You can set up deluxe shelves, walkways, and perches for your cat to climb on.  Also be mindful of how you arrange furniture, as you can create “steps” for your kitty to go safely from one item to another (say, from a low cabinet to a taller dresser), especially if one perch would otherwise be too tall to jump to without an intermediary. Brookside Barkery has plenty of towers and perches that cats love, including our very own store cat, Willow!

It’s not required for your cat to go outside for a happy lifestyle! Be sure to play with your feline regularly and keep them entertained as much as possible. Stop by either our Lee’s Summit or Brookside locations and check out our cat toys, towers and scratching posts! Making sure your cat gets the exercise and entertainment they need is the key to owning a happy and healthy indoor cat!

*Thanks for the tips on living with a kitty in the city!