Busted: The Truth on Prescription Diet Pet Foods

Are prescription diet pet foods more harmful to your pet than regular pet food diets? In a recent post by Dogs Naturally Magazine Founder and CEO, Dana Scott, this is proven to be true.

Dana reached out to several veterinary friends with four different pet food ingredient labels, one of which was a veterinary diet. She then asked the veterinarians to rank the pet foods from best to worst based solely on the ingredient labels.

The result? The prescription diet pet food was ranked last and is considered to be the lowest quality. In fact, the veterinarians believe many of the ingredients used in the veterinary diet food are considered harmful for your furry family members and can have some serious long-term effects including liver malfunction.

Why do we trust our vets to prescribe diets that will change chronic health issues in pets when these same veterinarians believe the ingredients included are considered harmful? According to Veterinarian Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, “Most US veterinarians would admit their formal education on companion animal nutrition consisted of one basic course that, in some cases, had to be taught by a professor from another program because no veterinary faculty had the knowledge or expertise to teach it.”

Many prescription diet manufacturers are also in the regular pet food industry including:

  • Hill’s Science Diet
  • Purina
  • Iams
  • Royal Canin

The listed companies aren’t exactly known for providing the highest quality ingredients in their regular pet food. Dana decided to compare two of Hill’s foods: one regular and one prescription. Turns out, the number one product in the regular food was chicken. The number one product in the prescription food: whole grain corn – a cheap replacement for animal protein!

Not only does the Hill’s prescription diet food contain cheap, low quality ingredients than the regular dog food, but it is also twice as expensive!

So, if your vet claims your dog needs to be eating a prescription diet, ask to review the ingredient list. Then ask for hard evidence the foods in the prescription diet are any better than those in regular diets.

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Hill’s Science Diet – Food Recall

Our pet’s health is always a point of concern. We want to feed them the best food possible and make sure they are happy and healthy. For those of you who feed your pet Hill’s Science Diet you will want to take note of the voluntary withdrawal from the market of some of their canned food. Not sure what to feed them now? The Brookside Barkery has the best brands to choose from including, Stella & Chewy’s, American Natural Premium, and Fromm.

Below is the notice from that lists all the foods that were withdrawn.


For unknown reasons Hill’s Science Diet is withdrawing several canned pet foods from the market.

The following products are being withdrawn from retail sale…

Science Diet Dog Adult Perfect Weight 12.8 oz
SKU 5210092
UPC 5274229750
All Date Codes/All Best Before Dates

Ideal Balance Slim & Healthy Chicken 12.8 oz
SKU 5210280
UPC 5274230770
All Date Codes/All Best Before Dates

Science Diet Dog Small & Toy Adult Beef Entrée 5.8 oz.
SKU 5092280
UPC 5274249660
All Date Codes/All Best Before Dates

Science Diet Dog Small & Toy Mature Beef Entrée 5.8 oz
SKU 5092282
UPC 5274249680
All Date Codes/All Best Before Dates

Science Diet Dog Adult Beef Entrée 13 oz.
SKU 5117274
UPC 5274270390
All Date Codes/All Best Before Dates

Science Diet Dog Adult Beef & Chicken Entrée 13 oz.
SKU 5117273
UPC 5274270400
All Date Codes/All Best Before Dates

Science Diet Dog Mature Beef Entrée 13 oz.
SKU 5117275
UPC 5274270560
All Date Codes/All Best Before Dates

The Hill’s Science Diet website did not provide any information on this product withdrawal, we do not know if the pet food is a health risk but be on the safe side and pick up some new food from the Barkery to keep your pet happy and healthy!