Recycled Dog Toys and Bags from Cycle Dog

Have you stopped in and seen our new Cycle Dog toys and bags?

We’re excited to carry this new line of U.S.A. made – and recycled – dog toys and waste pick up bags!

Cycle Dog is a unique business based in Portland, Oregon, specializing in using old or blown out bicycle tires to create dog friendly items.

“Our goal at Cycle Dog is to create the world’s best dog products with a focus on the environment and to raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year.”

We recently started carrying their 3-play turtle and hippo toys, which have hidden slots for treats – a great challenge for dogs, plus they’re heavy duty and great for dogs that love to chew. We’re also carrying their waste pick up bags – also a recycled item!

Stop in and check out the Cycle Dog line today!

New Products Coming Soon!

We’ve just returned for the Global Pet Expo, and we’ve got lots of great new products to share with our customers!

Over the next several months, be on the lookout for “New Product Spotlight” – highlighting a great new item for your four-legged pal.

Here are just a few of the awesome products to look for over the next month at our store:

Kanberra – Airborne Tea Tree Oil, an all natural air purifier. Perfect for homes with cats and general odor neutralization. Check out their video here.

Cycle Dog Toys – Made from a blend of High Durability rubber and post-consumer recycled rubber from bicycle inner tubes. Cycle Dog Ecolast toys are the first molded pet toys made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Alzoo – Natural flea repellent for dogs made from almond oil. An easy way to protect your dog over a long period against external parasites. No insecticides are used.

Stop in an visit us today and check out these new items – there’s something for every pet owner!