November Special: Stella & Chewy’s

Brookside Barkery and Bath is running a special on Stella & Chewy’s dog food for the entire month of November! At the Barkery, we pride ourselves in carrying only the highest quality of food for your furry family member. This is why we are proud to offer Stella & Chewy’s products!

For the entire month of November, buy one large bag of Raw Coated Kibble, get one small bag free OR buy one small or medium bag of Raw Coated Kibble, get one free Stella’s Stew.

At Stella & Chewy’s they believe, “Selecting the best food is one of the most important decisions a pet parent makes. From our first delivery to the last batch crafted in our own USA kitchen, we are focused on making the highest quality pet food available.”

Stella & Chewy’s only uses quality ingredients sourced from farmers and ranchers that are recognized for their superior, human-grade quality ingredients and highest levels of food handling safety. All recipes are 90-95% meat, organs and bones and all animal proteins have no added hormones or antibiotics.

If you have yet to try Stella & Chewy’s – now is the time. Stop by the Barkery and pick up your bags of Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble today!

5 Beneficial Uses of Sovereign Silver for Pets

If you are anything like us, your furry family members are just as important as your children. Even the healthiest of pets can get themselves into trouble with a cut snout or paw every now and again. Most of the time our pets are troopers while us loyal pet owners can tend to get a little paranoid. Before you jump to conclusions and call your local vet, consider looking into Sovereign Silver for Pets!

Sovereign Silver for Pets is a liquid antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal that provides easy and safe immune support for your pet. It has been used to treat and prevent an assortment of conditions in animals. Take a look at these 5 beneficial uses of Sovereign Silver for Pets as seen in Dogs Naturally Magazine.

  1. Infection: Sovereign Silver is an all-around pathogen fighter for any disease – bacterial, fungal or viral in nature. It can also be used as a preventative when exposure to sick animals is unavoidable.
  2. Skin: Sovereign Silver for Pets can be used topically for skin infections to repair and sooth tissue damage such as wounds, burns and even ringworm.
  3. Ears: For a nasty and painful ear infection, Sovereign Silver for Pets can be directly dropped into the ears to help fight off yeast and bacteria while offering relief to your furry friend.
  4. Eyes: Treat your pet’s eye conditions including infections, inflammation, allergies and even tear staining. The best part? Sovereign Silver can be dropped directly into the eyes with no sting involved!
  5. Lungs: One of the most versatile natural immune system boosters – Sovereign Silver can be used as a mist with a nebulizer to treat a variety of respiratory problems including bronchitis and pneumonia.

Click here for more information on how to use Sovereign Silver for Pets. Be sure to stop by either of our Brookside or Lee’s Summit Barkery locations to speak with one of our pet experts and pick up your bottle of Sovereign Silver for Pets today!

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Plants to Avoid for A Pet-Friendly Garden

Spring is the season for being outdoors. For many that means slipping on their rubber boots and gloves, grabbing their shovel, and planting seeds in the hope of an ample garden in the near future. While preparing your plot, it’s important to take steps to ensure that it’s safe for your pets to enjoy as well.

“When planting your garden, it is important to note that there are numerous house and garden plants which can be toxic to animals,” said James Barr, Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “Some include brunfelsia, oleander, and even lilies.”Brookside Barkery

Brunfelsia, also known as the “yesterday, today & tomorrow” plant, causes convulsive seizures in dogs, while cycads, low growing palm trees used indoors and outdoors, are toxic to the liver of dogs and they tend to chew on the roots.

“When the liver is contaminated, the dog’s body stops producing the normal clotting factors and the dog starts bleeding excessively. This can progress to the point where the dog bleeds to death,” said Barr.

While brunfelsia and cycads have not been known to cause problems in cats, lilies are especially harmful to them. Once ingested, cats develop symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, depression, and will stop eating altogether.

“Once ingested, the cat must be treated by a veterinarian, preferably within 24 hours and not later than 48 hours,” said Barr. “The toxin(s) present in the lilies are very toxic to the kidneys.”

Kolanchoe is a house plant that is known to be toxic. It contains a chemical which is similar to the human heart medication, digoxin.

“The garden plant oleander also contains digoxin-like compounds. Both kolanchoe and oleander can be toxic to all animals, including dogs and cats, if ingested,” said Barr.

Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. Taking the time to make sure that everything you put in your yard is safe for your pet will ensure this time is special for the entire family.

Thanks for these great tips on pet safety and gardening

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10 Signals Your Dog is Stressed

It’s easy to get swept up planning for parties, running to the store for S’mores ingredients and arranging plans to view fireworks. But during the seasonal festivities, keep in mind that dogs feel differently than you do. It’s common for them to be frightened by changes in routine like loud booms of thunder or fireworks and crowded party atmospheres.

There are many things you can do to help ease your dog during a stressful time. It begins with recognizing your dog’s body language and behavior. When a dog is stressed, be their pack leader. When your pooch can’t identify the alpha, she can become anxious and insecure.

“You will see signs often in conjunction with each other,” says Darlene Arden, dog behaviorist and author of over a dozen books including The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs. “It is important you remain calm. If you’re anxious, your dog will pick up on that.”Brookside Barkery

To help identify stress, Arden said to look for the following signals:
– Excessive licking of paws, nose or lips
– Panting that isn’t heat related
– Pacing
– Trembling
– Pinning back ears and cowering
– Hiding
– Refusing treats
– Diarrhea or vomiting
– Whimpering
– Clawing at walls, doors or gates trying to escape

Ways to Soothe Your Stressed Dog
“Drawing the curtains helps to keep out flashing lights that may startle your pets,” Arden says. “And if you plan on being out, leave a few lights on. That can also help ease a dog’s mind.”
If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave the house, so the dog can’t run off. Play noises your dog is familiar with like the TV, radio or CD player and encourage your dog to hang out in her “den”—a crate or other private area with soft blankets or pillows, favorite toys and a treat-release toy or puzzle game filled with kibble.
Taking your dog for long walks, playing fetch, or spending some time learning new tricks are other ways to help relieve pet stress.


And for the ultimate stress relief, consider a soothing essential oil treatment at the Barkery.  Low in cost but high in relaxation, it can help aching joints or calm a nervous, stressed-out dog.

Thank you PetMD for the great tips on how to tell if your dog is stressed out.

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4 Simple Tips to Make Your Cat Smile

Having a cat with its own personality is one of the many perks of owning one. However, sometimes that personality can be a little grumpy. The positive side is your cat’s cranky mood is probably temporary. Here’s a list of things you can do to bring out that charming smile-

1. Provide the appropriate number of litter boxes—one per cat

Cats greatly prefer not to share litter boxes. By providing a litter box for each cat (and cleaning them regularly!), you’ll reduce the chance of litter box mishaps. Cats eliminating inappropriately (read: outside of their litter box) is one of the top reasons cats are surrendered to shelters. Prevent the frustration of bathroom “accidents” by giving your cat his own place to go.

2. Brush your cat every day

This accomplishes several things: bonding, the loosening of hair and thus the prevention of hairballs, and it allows you to check in with your cat and note any changes or sore areas so you can alert your vet, if need be. If, at first, your cat isn’t super keen on brushing, have some treats on hand to sweeten the deal and make sure they associate grooming time with something good. Bonus: brushing will significantly reduce the amount of cat hair adhered to surfaces and blowing around your home! Stop by the Barkery and pick up Brookside Barkery a brush that both you and your furry friend can enjoy using!

3. Set aside time to play with your cat every day

Spending time actively engaging with your cat every day will cement your bond and keep your cat mentally and physically active. Many people think their cats don’t like to play, but chances are they’re just doing it wrong. Try out different playing styles (both up high and slithering along the floor, as well as an assortment of toys. If you have more than one cat, separate them, then play with them one at a time. Cats sometimes won’t play with another cat present. The good news is, Barkery has plenty of cat toys to choose from that will surely keep you and your cat entertained for hours on end!

4. Clean the litter box daily

Would you want to use a filthy bathroom? ‘nuff said.

Your cat does a lot for you, so make sure you’re giving them the best care you can! The best part is, Brookside Barkery is your one stop shop for everything you’ll need. You’ll find everything from toys, the finest brands of food, and your cat’s favorite treats! Stop by our Lee’s Summit or Brookside location and talk to our staff about getting them exactly what they need!

*Thank you to Moderncat for these tips.

Best Pet Store of 2015

For 435 Magazine’s 10 year anniversary, they compiled a list of their favorite spots in Kansas City. Brookside Barkery & Bath won again for best pet supply store!

“Kansas City’s first and finest all-natural pet food store provides the most up-to-date pet health and nutrition information, with expert staff at your service. This local company has an array of supplies your pet is sure to love: “super bounce” tennis balls, Frisbees, plush toys, etc. They even have a salmon oil dietary supplement or ginger mint essential oils to soothe an upset tummy naturally.”

We are excited to again be recognized for providing our customers with the best all- natural pet food and having a wide variety of supplements, toys, and well trained staff to answer all of your questions. So be sure to stop by and see why we won Best Pet Supply store of 2015!

The Barkery Wins Best Groomer and Best Retail in the Pitch’s Best of KC!

We’re thrilled and honored to have won not one, but two Best Of awards from the readers of The Pitch!

Our story started with a beloved Saint Bernard named Aspen, who had ongoing health issues that couldn’t be solved by a simple trip to the vet. 11 years later, Brookside Barkery and Bath continues to focus on educating and helping our customers care for healthy dogs and cats with our mission:  “Better Health through Better Nutrition,” and our goals are to provide the most up-to-date holistic health information to our patrons with the best customer service possible. As the pioneering all-natural pet food store and bathing facility in the area, we’re dedicated to being the leader in customer service, pet care knowledge and quality products.

Our driving passion is helping owners provide only the best for their animal companion. To help fulfill that mission, we offer the largest selection of natural pet food in Kansas City, and our bathing and grooming services are like none in the metro – maybe even the country!

Thank you again to all of our customers and pet lovers for voting for the Barkery as their favorite groomer and retail pet store – Stop in and see us again soon!