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3 Ways to Treat Your Dog’s Arthritis Naturally

Just like humans, dogs change as they age. As pet owners, we’re responsible to help them age gracefully. Here at Brookside Barkery we’re dedicated to educating our customers because we know that informed customers make better informed decisions. Arthritis is common in senior dogs and it can be challenging to keep your arthritic furry friend active and comfortable. Here are 3 ways to treat your dog’s arthritis naturally!

1. Fix Leaky Gut. Your dog’s gut lining contains millions of tiny little holes that allow digested foods and proteins to enter the body to be used as fuel. The tiny holes prevent larger, undigested proteins and toxins from entering the body and wreaking havoc with the immune system. These little wholes can stretch if your dog’s gut is damaged. This allows proteins, harmful bacteria and undigested food particles to enter the body – causing an immune reaction. Leaky guts can be caused by poor diet, drugs and other toxins, and over-vaccination. Step one is to eliminate processed foods, drugs, toxins, and vaccines as much as possible.

2. Fix the Fats. Fats are one of the most important ingredients in your dog’s diet … they affect every cell in his body … if he doesn’t get enough fat or gets the wrong balance of fats, things can go very wrong. Most dog food today is high in omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3 fatty acids. This causes chronic inflammation which makes arthritis worse. To reduce inflammation, your dog should be eating grass-fed animals. Not factory-farmed or grain-fed animals. If this isn’t possible, just be sure that you’re adding in omega-3 fats to balance out the different types of fats he’s eating.

3. Add Antioxidants. Free radicals are atoms that can damage cells and cause them to die. Antioxidants can prevent cell damage that free radicals cause. They also have anti-aging effects, help prevent cancer, heart disease, eye problems, and immune issues.

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Brookside BarkeryBrookside Barkery is honored to have won “Best Local Pet Grooming” (for the SEVENTH year in a row!) in the Pitch Magazine’s Best of Kansas City 2016 issue! Whether your pet just needs a quick shampoo, or a luxurious spa day, the Barkery is your one stop shop for it all!

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