Ribbon-Cutting at the Newly Expanded Lee’s Summit Store!

The Lee’s Summit Barkery was pleased to welcome members of the Chamber of Commerce, Lee’s Summit Bank, and many other businesses around the city at the Ribbon Cutting of our new and improved store!

Barkery Ribbon-Cutting

“We are really excited to be a part of the Lee’s Summit Community. It’s been great! The Lee’s Summit store is bigger and better,” according to store manager Carrie Dosier. “We pride ourselves on finding solutions for all of your pets needs and care.”

Ribbon-Cutting at Barkery

The store has doubled their previous square footage and the amount of wash bins. Brookside Barkery and Bath are always up to date on all holistic solutions and with our experience, knowledge, and quality of products, Barkery will be your favorite place to go for your furry best friends!

Owner Delena said, “Thank you to the city of Lee’s Summit for allowing us to expand. Without the customer base here we wouldn’t have felt comfortable because it is an investment to take that risk and move forward with the growth of this. I always try to keep things local and within the community, so I just wanted to say thank you for all being here and here’s to continued growth in not only our business but all of your businesses as well.”

To have many of the Barkery’s long time friends and members of the Lee’s Summit community all gathered together was such a great way to officially welcome the new store to Lee’s Summit! If you haven’t been already, come by and see the bigger and better store while treating your companions to not only the best all-natural food selection in Kansas City, but much more!

Barkery Rewards Program

Brookside Barkery & Bath appreciates our customers, and have programs to reward them for purchases and visits to any location, as well as incentives for referring others to us. See more details about our Loyalty Program and our Referral Program below to learn how you can be rewarded for making your pets part of the Brookside Barkery pack!

Loyalty Program

Brookside Barkery & Bath has been here for more than a decade and a big reason for that is the loyalty of our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be here! To keep you coming back, we’ve got a terrific points-based loyalty program. The program is simple and can help you with immediate savings on Kansas City’s largest selection of natural pet food.

Here’s how it works: For every purchase you make, you accrue points. Our computer keeps track of every point you earn. We do all the work, and you get the savings. And here’s the best part: You can cash in your points anytime to save money on any purchase you like!

And, like they say, the more you spend, the more you save. Save your points up for big purchases, or just knock a couple bucks off of a smaller purchase. They’re your points, use them however you like!

Here are a few ways you can earn points:

  • Every dollar spent at the Barkery = .01 cents back
  • Large bags of dog food = 2x points
  • Self service baths = 10x points
  • Canned food = 5x points
  • Refer a friend = 300 points
  • Note: Loyalty points cannot be redeemed on grooming services

In addition to earning spending points, nearly all of the pet foods we carry (plus some of the treats) are eligible for a frequent buyer program. We keep track of the number of bags you buy, and once you reach 12, you get one free. Stop in the Barkery & save on all your favorites today!

Pet Wellness Assessment Kit – Pinpoint Your Pet’s Food Intolerances

Many pet owners come to the Barkery for advice regarding their pet’s food allergies and environmental sensitivities. Eating the wrong food or being in the wrong environment can put stress on your pet that leads to itchiness, redness, dry skin, sneezing, vomiting, paw chewing, and more.

Changing your dogs diet could improve its quality of life. We all know how important it is to get our pets on the right diet, but how do we know what specifically causes your pet to react to food and environmental triggers?

We Have the Solution! Pinpoint Your Pet’s Food Intolerances

Dogs can be sensitive to a variety of elements, and Brookside Barkery now has the solution that pinpoints EXACTLY what stresses your pet and PRECISELY what causes allergic reactions.

With the new Pet Wellness Assessment Kit from Glacier Peak, you can look at no fewer than 300 food and environmental factors that may disturb your pet’s homeostasis. That means you will be able to craft the perfect diet for your pet, reduce stressors and allow your pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible.

The Pet Wellness Assessment Kit involves mailing in a couple of swabs with your pet’s saliva, and a bit of their hair.  Within days, you’ll have the results!  Take a look at the results here.

Once you test your pet, the Barkery will provide a free Nutrition Consultation to work with you and with the results of the test, guiding your selections on food, treats, and supplements to make sure we’re giving your pet exactly what they need.

We are offering the Wellness Assessment Kit at a special rate of $75.  Only $75 to give your pet the perfect diet AND eliminate allergens!

Customer Testimonial

Theodore is a prime example of the relief a Pet Wellness Assessment Kit can bring to your pet.

“We had tried every food out there and couldn’t find relief for our pup. The staff help us find some relief by getting Theodore tested for food & environmental sensitivities and stressors. We have peace of mind knowing we are feeding our dog food that doesn’t cause a reaction! Thanks Brookside Lee’s Summit!”

– Kelly B.

Read more customer testimonials here.

Want to know what allergies or sensitivities your pet has? We can do that!

Among the most common problems we see at the Barkery are pets with food allergies or environmental sensitivities.  These things can cause powerful immune system responses leading to inflammation and a host of other health concerns.

Until now, it was mostly guesswork.  Trial and error.  Careful questioning of customers, then looking at the ingredient panels of the foods they fed.

But dogs can be allergic to a lot more than just chicken or beef.  Things like crabgrass and yes, even pollen can cause an allergic reaction.

But now we’ve got a way to find out EXACTLY what stresses your pet and PRECISELY what causes allergic reactions.

With the new Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak, you can look at no fewer than 300 food and environmental factors that may disturb your pet’s homeostasis. That means knowing how to craft a PERFECT diet to help your pet live their longest, healthiest life.

The test will involve mailing in a couple of swabs with your pet’s saliva, and a bit of their hair.  Within days, you’ll have the results!  And we’re offering it at a special rate of $75.  Only $75 to give your pet the perfect diet AND eliminate allergens!  And the data you’ll get will amaze you.

And when you test your pet, the Barkery will provide a free Nutrition Consultation to work with you and with the results of the test, guiding your selections on food, treats, and supplements to make sure we’re giving your pet exactly what they need.



Brookside Barkery and Bath

5 Tips for Better Leash Manners

Do you feel like you are water skiing every single time you try to take your dog on a walk?! We’ve all been there, and it is exhausting. Even if you have a small dog, it is embarrassing to be tied around a tree, tangled up with another dog, or heaven forbid, the leash comes lose and you are chasing your dog down the block! Be ready to impress your friends next time you are out and about with your dog after trying these 5 tips for better leash behavior.

  • Adjust Your Attitude– First, ask yourself: “What would I like him or her to do differently?” Instead of teaching a dog to stop pulling, think of it as teaching your dog how to walk nicely beside you.Brookside Barkery
  • Train Your Dog to Go When You Say So– One thing that can help is to train your dog to “go potty” on command. If your dog has already gone before the walk begins, he won’t feel the need to frantically pull and sniff on the walk.
  • Walk Your Dog the Way You Drive your Car– As the driver, you are the one in control. As pack animals, dogs love to play follow the leader. If your dog pulls, keep the leash loose, calmly pivot, and start going the opposite direction. In a happy voice say “heel” or “let’s go” to teach your dog to follow you.
  • It’s All About Rewards– One of the easiest ways to get your dog’s attention and teach him to walk properly on a leash is to reward him. The trick is to use very special treats at first. When your dog walks calmly beside you, or looks up at you, encourage this behavior with rewards.

Your dog will love our special treats from Brookside Barkery and Bath. We proudly offer a wide variety of healthy and natural treats that are sure to make this learning process a fun and rewarding one for your dog.

  • Use the Right Tools– If your dog has developed an engrained habit of pulling on walks, switch things up by trying a different type of leash or collar. Consider trying a front clip harness or a slip collar. At Brookside Barkery and Bath we offer a huge selection of collars and leashes sure to fit your pet’s own unique taste and style.

Just remember, it takes time, patience and practice to teach your dog good leash manners. So celebrate each step in the right direction -and walk over to visit us at Brookside Barkery and Bath today!

*special thanks to PetMD for these expert tips.


Now here: Grooming Pick-Up & Delivery

Brookside Barkery & Bath is excited to announce a new addition to the team, the Barkery Pet Van!

The Barkery is making it even easier and more convenient to get your pet groomed. There are all sorts of delivered products and services out there,  so why not delivery pet grooming?

If you own a pet you know it can be a chore to keep up with their grooming – you have to get them bathed, trim their nails, groom their fur and also stay on top of problems like dry, itchy skin. The Barkery is your one-stop shop for all of your dog’s grooming needs and we are making it more accessible now than ever before with our new pick-up and drop-off grooming service!

All you’ll have to do is make an appointment and the Barkery will swing by in the morning, pick up your pup and transport them to their appointment You can pick them up or we’ll drop them off at your home once they are freshly groomed by our award-winnning staff of groominggroomers. Our full menu of grooming services will be available including our spa services! (Does your dog have dry, itchy skin? The Barkery has a new line, made in house by our dog specialists, of Essential Oils, including one specifically for dry, itchy skin!)

Feel like this service might be a good fit for you?  Just go to our info page and fill out a waiver!



New Dog Parent? 15 Things You Need to Know!

Before welcoming a dog into your home and heart, chances are, much like an expecting parent, you daydream about what having a dog in your life will be like. Visions of long walks, training your dog to do all sorts of cool tricks, and coming home to a warm and wonderful greeting every night will fill your head. Dream on.

No doubt, having a dog is going to be a fulfilling and awesome experience, but there are a few things that you might not know about being a dog’s pet parent.

1. Your Dog Will Introduce You to New Flavors

Though, they may not actually be to your taste. Your new buddy may have a craving for things that just aren’t up your alley, but may be found in an alley, like old banana peels, old tissues and other dog’s poo.

2. Your Dog Will Make You Feel Things You Have Never Felt Before

And what you are feeling won’t always necessarily be an outpouring of overwhelming love and pride (though you will definitely experience those feelings as well). What you’ll be feeling is your fingers reaching into your dog’s mouth to pull out that old banana peel, a used tissue or another dog’s poo.

Brookside Barkery3. Your Dog Will Take You on Long Walks

Sometimes at midnight, 3AM or during the season finale of your favorite TV show. When nature calls or your dog has an upset stomach after eating a yummy something that you just couldn’t fish out of his mouth, it may lead to an upset stomach. Thus, you will take a long walk with your pooch during hours that may not be convenient. Enjoy the scenery. Look at the stars. Give your friend a little privacy and consider what a bonding experience this really is.

4. Your Dog Will Take You to Uncharted Territory

There will come a day when you take your dog for a long off-leash walk and she may decide that the path you are on is not quite what she had in mind; so she’ll run in a different direction. Fast. And, a direction you probably aren’t familiar with. Hopefully, you have on track shoes, because your walk just turned into a run.

5. Your Dog Will Teach You About Proper Behavior & Training

As a new parent you will more than likely engage in some sort of training class so your dog is well behaved and a well mannered member of society. Don’t be fooled. Your behavior and training efforts are training you in addition to your dog. Moreover, once your dog finds what a quick study you are, the training will really begin. When to distribute treats. When to play ball. When to take him on a walk.

6. Your Dog Will Introduce You to New Scents

“What is that smell?” you’ll ask yourself. More than likely the smell is coming from your dog or was brought into your freshly scented home by your dog. Smells are one of the things you and your dog will have to learn to agree to disagree on, because what makes you go “Yuck” makes your dog go “Yum”.

7. Your Dog Will Teach You a New LanguageBrookside Barkery

Once your dog comes into your home you will learn a new language. A language that is somewhere between baby talk and a free flowing stream-of-conscience that only you and your pup understand. The language will be your own and has absolutely nothing to do with the series of commands that you will teach your dog (and that your dog will sometimes obey).

8. Your Dog Will Teach You the True Meanings of Words

You may think that “fetch” means retrieve that ball I just threw. You may think that “come” means move from where you are sitting toward me. Your dog considers these command words as mere suggestions. Fetch, in actuality sometimes means “Let me chase you,” and come, depending on the instance, may in actuality mean “Sit frozen in place and stare at me.”

9. Your Dog Will Believe in Free Love

At one time or another, your dog may take a shining to another dog and decide that the nasty deed must be done then and there. No romantic overtures, no subtle moves. Usually your dog’s amorous intentions will take hold exactly when you don’t want them to, like when your in-laws are visiting for the first time or you’re chatting up your latest crush outside your apartment building.

10.Your Dog Will Organize Your Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit. On Saturday morning after a long week of work and a Friday happy hour with friends you may want to sleep in and catch a few Zs. Think again. Your pup may have a different thought on this particular plan. Mostly, because sleeping in is not what your dog usually does. Sleeping in is for cats.

11. Your Dog Will Always Be Ready with a KissBrookside Barkery

Even when you have the worst morning breath ever your dog is there to give you a little smooch and share the love. Remember, what smells offensive to dainty human noses is pure bliss to a canine’s nose. Even better, your dog is completely unaware of her own offensive breath and expects a big kiss on the smacker right back. Muwah!

12. Your Dog Will Always Be Ready to Listen (or Pretend to Listen)

When no one else wants to listen about your bad day, porcelain cherub collection (all 317 of them), or about that time you met a D list celebrity at the convenience store, your dog is absolutely enthralled with every detail. What? You don’t collect porcelain cherubs?

13. Your Dog Will Provide You with Great Excuses

“I have to go take the dog for a walk.” “My dog needs to be fed.” Come on. Admit it. Chances are you have heard these reasons from your pet parenting friends for leaving your party. Well, now as a new dog owner you too can use your dog as an excuse to leave a party or to get off the phone when your chatty best friend is going on about her porcelain cherub collection. The tail wags both ways.

14. Your Dog Will Keep All Your Secrets

You never have to say to your dog, “Don’t tell anyone,” because you know all your deepest darkest secrets are safe and sound between those adorable and cute fluffy ears. Even better, your dog does not care what your secrets may be, unless, of course, you are hiding a secret stash of treats or the cat’s litter box.

15. Your Dog Will Define the Word Unconditional

Your dog will love you unconditionally. No matter your mood, no matter how you look, no matter how corny your jokes. Your dog thinks you are the most awesome person in the universe. No one compares to you and no one ever will. As your dog’s bestie, you will try to match your dog’s unconditional love, and you may succeed sometimes, but don’t worry if you occasionally fall short. After all, you are only human.


Your pup does a lot for you so make sure you are giving them the best! Brookside Barkery
is your one stop shop for all things pet related. You’ll find the finest brands of food that Benji will love, comfy dog beds, scrumptious bones, the best toys, and Benji’s favorite, TREATS! Stop by our Brookside or Lee’s Summit location today to talk with our well trained staff and get exactly what Benji needs!



*Thank you to PetMD for these tips.

Cats vs. Dogs – Who Loves you More?

The cats vs. dogs debate has been around for hundreds of years, sides get taken, and things get personal. Ever wonder if there is any truth or reason behind the affection you pet gives you? Brookside Barkery & Bath discovered a new study done by researchers for a BBC documentary, “Cats vs. Dogs,” has concluded there’s five times more love generated in a dog when it sees its owner than a cat.

Our love is chemical, say scientists, so that’s how they measured it. When dogs see their owners, they feel oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates pleasure in our brain and helps us bond with our offspring.

Researchers tested pets for the “love hormone” before and after they saw their owners. Ten cats and ten dogs were swabbed for saliva, then played with their owners for 10 minutes. After, the saliva was tested again. While the oxytocin levels were elevated in both animals, dogs showed an increase of 57.2 percent of the hormone compared to 12 percent in the cats. (One dog’s hormone actually went up 500 percent!)

“I was really surprised to discover that dogs produced such high levels of oxytocin,” neuroscientist Dr. Paul Zak, who worked with the documentary’s results, said. “It was also a nice surprise to discover that cats produce any at all. At least some of the time, cats seem to bond with their owners.”

Whether you are on Team Dog or Team Cat, we can all agree that our pets enrich our lives in many ways. Brookside Barkery & Bath is the first to agree with the joy animals can bring to our lives! No favor is paid to one side or the other at Brookside Barkery & Bath, making it the PURR-fect place to pick up everything your pets need! Stop by either of our Kansas City locations in Brookside or Lee’s Summit and be sure to bring in your own beloved pooch for expert grooming – and go ahead and show the house kitty some love to by picking up some new cat treats for Nibbles while you’re at it!



8 Tips to Lengthen the Life of Your Pet

You want to improve your dog or cat’s health, but it can be hard to know where to begin. There are so many factors to be considered to help your companion live a longer life. Taking a holistic approach by looking at all aspects of his care and lifestyle is a good starting point. This checklist of eight tips will help enhance his health and lengthen his life (and maybe yours too)! You want your furry friend to be with you as long as possible. Incorporate these suggestions from into his care to help ensure his health and longevity.

1. NURTURE WITH NUTRITIONbarkery purrfect bistro

As conscientious consumers, we review ingredient lists on our own food.
We need to do the same for our animals. Look for labels that state whole meat ingredients like chicken, beef or lamb – not poultry by-products, etc. Choose superior brands of pet food from the Barkery, like Lotus or Purrfect Bistro, which promise healthier ingredients. You can even talk with our well-trained staff members for more information on the best kind of food for you pet.


I like to think of vitamins and minerals as a form of supplemental health insurance for animals, providing the nutrients needed to maintain health. A quality, daily supplement is the most valuable contribution you can make to your dog or cat’s longevity.

To be truly effective, vitamins and minerals need to be balanced, complete and able to be absorbed by the body. For example, powdered dry bone meal, often used in pet supplements, can’t be absorbed, so there’s no nutritional value. Read and compare labels carefully. Choose vitamins that state the milligrams or International Units on the label, and that contain high quality ingredients.


A new puppy or kitten may be stressed – particularly if he just came from a shelter or rescue. Take him for vaccinations when his systems are strong and balanced. Never vaccinate an animal compromised by an infection or illness. Previously vaccinated dogs and cats can get blood tests that register titers or immune memory in lieu of certain vaccines. Research has shown that after their one-year boosters, many dogs and cats are protected for five to seven years or longer, depending on the vaccine.


Italian researchers have found that eating as little as one cup of raw vegetables daily can add two years to your life. Today, scientific research is proving what Hippocrates said hundreds of years ago: “Let food be thy medicine.”

Phtytochemicals, contained in what are now aptly dubbed superfoods, have well-documented health benefits. The beautiful colors of many fruits and vegetables are doing a lot more than just looking pretty. Dark vibrant green kale leaves are rich in compounds with long names like glucosinolates and sulforaphanes. These help cells “clean up after the party” and clear carcinogenic substances more quickly.


Adding a bit of green to your companion’s diet can do as much good for the planet as it can for him. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables has many health benefits, including reducing the risk of cancer. Cats often like cooked asparagus and cantaloupe, while our easier-to-please canine friends love everything from a piece of apple to a broccoli stem.

Create a dog and cat-friendly outdoor environment by using natural fertilizers and pest control. In 2004, the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine linked bladder cancer in Scottish terriers to exposure to lawn chemicals. Rain creates a mist of these chemicals that lingers at the body height of dogs and cats – and many of these animals enjoy chewing occasional blades of grass.

6. EXTRA EXERCISEbarkery leashes

Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle for all of us – humans, dogs and cats. If it’s not safe for your cat to go outside, make sure he has a scratching post and a selection of toys. Setting aside some time to play with her every day is a great way to give her the exercise she needs, and will improve your own quality of life.

All dogs need exercise – even notorious couch-potato breeds. Taking your dog for a long brisk walk is the perfect excuse for you to get some exercise too! The Brookside Barkery has everything you’ll need for a nice walk! We have a wide selection of collars, leashes, and even coats for the colder months!


A yearly health check helps detect problems before they become serious. Older animals should get yearly blood panels to monitor their health. Those that live in tick-infested regions of the country need yearly blood tests so any tick-borne diseases can be treated promptly, avoiding long term complications.

8. QUALITY TIMEbarkery toys

Dogs and cats are social animals. Social animals don’t want to be alone – they want company and interesting interactions. Relationships are an important part of health. Strong bonds with others means protection from loneliness and depression. It works both ways. Healthier animals are happier, and happier animals are healthier. Just as important is that both humans and animals benefit from quality time spent together. Try getting a new toy for your pet to help with interaction. The Barkery carries so many great choices, you could even bring your pup in to pick one out!

4 Ways to Get Your Furry Friend Through the Winter

Everyone who lives in the Kansas City Metro knows how crazy the weather is. One minute, it’s a sunny 70 degrees, and the next we’re in the middle of an ice storm! With the unpredictable Kansas City weather, it is good to be prepared for when days get colder. With help from the Barkery and these four tips from, you and your pet will be ready to tackle the Kansas City winter head on!

#1 Keep your dogs warmBrookside Barkery Dog Clothes
It may seem like common sense, but if you feel it’s too cold for you, chances are it’s too cold for your dog! Although some breeds can withstand colder temperatures (think Northern breeds), most dogs are accustomed to indoor temperatures and don’t want to be outside for long periods of time. Dogs with less furry coats, smaller dogs, and those closer to the ground could benefit from a winter jacket. The Barkery has a large assortment of winter weather proof coats and booties for your dog.

#2 Pet Grooming
Wipe your dog’s paws—both the underside and between the pads—after they’ve been outside. This is important because salt and chemical ice melts can irritate and burn your dog’s paws. These substances can also be fatal if ingested! But don’t think paw cleaning means more baths. Too much bathing, especially during the dry, cold winter season, can dry out your dog’s skin and create irritation and itchiness. The Barkery has their own line of essential oils that will keep your dog’s skin healthy and itch free!

#3 Beware the H2O
Puddles pose a danger to dogs because they may contain ethylene glycol, found in antifreeze, which can be fatal if ingested. So no drinking from winter puddles! Larger bodies of water are also good to steer clear of. Melting or thin ice, as well as rising water levels can create a dangerous environment for your dog.

#4 Be Prepared for Extreme Winter Weather and Super Storms
Climate change has resulted in extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. You never know when a storm might hit and keep you from leaving your house. An emergency pet survival kit can save your pet’s life in these circumstances. Get all the essentials from the Barkery; food, treats, a bed, toys, and a warm winter coat would be a few important items to have on hand.