Summer Fun with Your Dog

Here are 4 way to have a lot of fun with your dog this summer from

Did you know dogs can get sunburns?

Their noses are particularly susceptible but dogs with little or no fur can easily get sunburned all over their bodies. Epi-Pet makes a broad-spectrum FDA-compliant sunscreen formulated especially for dogs that is safe even if licked!


Make your dog the ultimate summer treat! Get a container of your choosing, one matching your dog’s size. An empty yogurt or ice cream container is ideal but a bowl will totally do. Now get creative! Toss in all manner of treats and toys to thrill your dog: a squeaky rubber ball (not so small it could be swallowed, of course), a few blueberries, a small handful of little liver treats, bits of hot dog—the only rule of thumb is nothing that will get all soggy, like wheat-based treats. Then fill with water (you can add a bit of low-sodium beef or chicken broth if you’d like), pop it in the freezer, and wait until a hot afternoon to take it out. Briefly run the container under warm water to release the surprise-filled ice treat you’ve created then give it to your dog—outside of course!

Cool Runnings

Keep your hot dog cool on warm days. Take a regular bandana (cut it down to size if your dog is small) and run it under the tap before wringing it out, smoothing it into a triangle and placing it in the freezer. Leave it in there until it’s nice and icy cool or until the next hot day rolls around, then fasten around your dog’s neck for a welcome cool down!

Take to the water

The newest craze to hit lakes and oceans near you? SUP or Stand Up Paddle Board. Not only does this sport offer you a glorious vantage point from out on the water, it’s a lot of fun, and offers the bonus of abdominal strengthening as the balance it requires engages your core. But best of all it’s dog friendly! The large board is perfect for bringing along your water-happy dog! She can sit on the board as you paddle about. You’ll definitely want to outfit your dog with a lifejacket.