Introducing Steve’s Raw Food and Tucker’s Raw Food

The Barkery is proud to introduce two new excellent foods for your four legged friend! 

Check out some of the features and benefits of each below!

Steve’s Raw Food 

  • Easy to feed as kibble. Can be poured out of the bag and fed without overnight defrosting.
  • Steve’s does not use any pasteurization on any product and stays as close to mother nature as possible.  All of the meat and poultry are free range and fed a species appropriate diet. Steve’s also does not use any antibiotics or hormones and all animals are humanly raised in the northwest.
  • All produce is also from the northwest making Steve’s Real Food a locally sourced product.  Steve’s works with partners that are committed to the environment and practice sustainable farming.

!cid_image004_png@01CFEE17Steve’s Raw Goat Milk 

  • Steve’s Raw Goat Milk Yogurt marries premium nutrition to crave-able treat. Packed with probiotics and the full gamut of vitamins and minerals, it can be fed as a snack or used as a food topper to add raw nutrition to a dry or canned meal.
  • 100% raw frozen diets are available in both convenient nuggets or a 8 oz. patties. Known for bulk options which make feeding multi-pet families or large dog homes easier.

Tucker’s Raw!cid_image006_jpg@01CFEE19

  • Tucker’s provides only the finest and freshest food, supplements and treats for your dog. “What we cannot see we will not sell. This is why all of our raw materials are human grade and only sourced from USDA facilities in the USA/Canada.”
  • Tucker’s treats are made in Wisconsin and made from USDA, USA/Canadian chicken breast. This product is produced under USDA oversight and from 100% human grade raw materials. No chemicals or preservatives are used in their preparation.
  • They are individually wrapped for added convenience. Loose internal wrapping does not affect the treats safety or nutrition
  • All raw pork based:
    1. Certified Pork is a USDA process that partially entails freezing out any potential harmful parasites in raw pork
    2. This is why you see Pork Loin and Pork Chops served rare in some of the country’s finest Steak Houses
    3. Pork is lower in fat , higher in protein and amino fatty acids than most other carnivore proteins

Stop in an chat with us today about the best option for your pet!