Some big changes in our full-service baths.

Our full-service baths are one of our most popular services.  And we want every customer to receive the same high quality experience.  And when customers leave their pets at our stores for an excessively long time after services have been completed, that occupies a drying station that we need for the next dog and throws a large monkey wrench into our bathing schedule for that day.

So we’re implementing a late pick-up fee.  When you drop your dog off, you’ll be informed about our late fee policy and we’ll ask for you signature on our appointment work order, to acknowledge that the Barkery associate has informed you of the policy.

Bathing services take approximately ONE HOUR, so we ask that you plan accordingly.  All pets MUST be picked up within 30 minutes of the time services are completed. Pets picked up in excess of that time will have a $20 late pick-up fee added to their bath price.

If something comes up that will delay picking up your pet, we ask that you please call the Barkery and inform us so we can try and plan accordingly.  A little heads up can go a long way.  Thank you!