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“Ok Google, is it okay for my dog to sleep in my bed?”

If you’re like many dog owners, when you hop into bed at night, four furry feet jump in with you. Should you let your dog sleep with you? Experts say: yes! Not only is sleeping with your dog a way to bond as part of the pack, but bedtime snuggles can actually improve your health!

Benefits of Sleeping Next to Your Dog


Having your canine companion curled up with you at night can help you rest easy knowing your house is well looked after. Many families have protection as a primary reason for getting a dog in the first place, and single individuals may especially appreciate having an extra pair of eyes and ears (and teeth) around at night. Even if your pudgy little pooch doesn’t pose much of a threat in the event of a break-in, an attentive nose and alert ears can act like an extra alarm system, notifying you of possible danger.

Stress Relief

Do you suffer from anxiety or insomnia? Lower your cortisol levels with a fluffy bedtime buddy! Instead of lying awake overthinking after a long day, a furry nose and happy face can distract you from your worries! A snuggled up pup can improve not only your mental health, but also your physical! Higher stress means high levels of cortisol which can increase higher blood pressure; this then leads to heart attacks, strokes, or memory loss. So do yourself a favor and have your dog hop in to bed at night!

Reduce Depression

Puppy eyes and furry snuggles can increase our levels of oxytocin – the happy, lovey hormone! If you struggle with depression, having a little boost of oxytocin from bedtime cuddles is certainly a positive. Want to know another secret? If you have meds to take every night before bed, giving your dog a treat before bed will create a routine. If you happen to forget to take your meds, your sweet and silly dog will be more than happy to remind you before bed! Our pups get extra points for helping us wake up and get out of bed the next morning too!

Stay Warm

That’s right! Your puppy’s fluffy coat acts like an extra blanket. Dogs have an average higher body temperature than we do; snuggle up and save on heating bills!

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Tips for Sleeping Next to Your Dog

  • Make sure she is housebroken first. Accidents in the middle of the night are no fun, and ones that can stain your mattress are worse.
  • Maintain regular pet check up appointments. Keeping your dog disease free is equally important for your own health. And guess what? If your dog gets fleas, you will too!
  • Keep your bedding clean by washing it once a week, and reduce your dog’s unpleasant body odors with regular bathing. Make a grooming appointment with the Barkery to keep bedtime cuddles fresh and cozy!
  • Stay in command. Your pup joining you in bed should be by invitation only. Have your dog lay on the floor for a good ten minutes before allowing her to hop up. If your dog begins to demonstrate dominant behavior, she’ll be in the doghouse (or on the floor) until she can learn some manners.

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Should you let your pup snuggle up?

You do what’s best for you and your fur babies! In a world full of personal opinions, the Barkery and Bath is proud to support you in making the best decisions for you and your pup. From promoting your pet’s wellness to helping all you pet owners stay informed, the Barkery and Bath has got your back! For more information, contact us online today!