Safe Flea Prevention for Your Dog

Spring is finally here, which means all kinds of insects start to appear around us and our pets. Here are some great tips to safely keep the biggest dog pest away: fleas.

When your dog ends up with fleas, it may seem easy to grab flea treatment such as Frontline for your dog. You know the name, but do you know when it’s in the product? Frontline, and other similar products, are known to have chemicals that can be dangerous for both your pet and you. Children are especially at risk due to proximity and age. So what safe treatments are out there? We have a few here at the Barkery that are safe and effective.

  • The Shoo Tag (pictured above) works to repel fleas and other insects through a magnetic strip on the tag.
  • Brewer’s Yeast Treatment which can be given with food or during grooming
  • Diatomaceous Earth  A powder for your garden or outdoors. If an insect with an exoskeleton comes in contact with diatomaceous earth, they die. At the same time, humans can rub it all over our skin, rub it in our hair, and even eat it – and we are unharmed.
  • Cedarcide Best Yet 100% organic cedar oil product that both kills and repels bugs

The National Resources Defense Council has also published a list of safe flea and tick treatments to treat your dog.

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