Rollo and Gomez recently got bathed and furminated professionally for the first time in their lives. We gave them Heavenly Hounds treats prior to their appointment to calm them, but it didn’t work so well – they just hate water/baths. Their bathers were so good with them and knew exactly how to care for malamute coats. The boys cried during their baths but we stayed to help keep them as calm as possible. As they got blow-dried, malamute hair was EVERYWHERE. It was in everyone’s hair, eyes, mouths, and just flying around constantly in the bath area. The staff at B.B. was so great and tried to get all the hair vacuumed during and after their drying session. Needless to say, we were dreading that day, but B.B. was so professional and made this session fun! A BIG thanks to all the staff, especially the bathers that day that got our boys looking amazing! Three weeks later and there is still minimal shedding and their coats are brighter and so much lighter, which I know they really appreciate. Here’s a fun photo of our two wet doggies getting ready for blow-drying! Such a fun memory!