Dog Training Professionals

Dogs Listen To Me

Dogs Listen To Me takes a scientific approach to dog training, and understands that dog behavior is observable, measurable, and treatable. Dogs Listen To Me has dog training options to fit any particular lifestyle or budget, with the goal of putting you in charge of your dog’s behavior.

Rogue K9

Rogue K9 Training & Rehabilitation located in the Kansas City area was founded by Jessica Winter, a dog training and dog behavior enthusiast. The goal of RK9 is to instruct and educate all dogs and their concerned owners in techniques that instill confidence and reliability in your beloved animals day-to-day life.


N2paws is your progressive pet partner, providing attunement through a variety of techniques to balance the body, mind and spirit (physical, mental, and emotional well-being) of your companion animal. It is an educational journey toward the improvement of the relationship between people and their companion animals. N2paws provides tools and guidance to work through multiple health and behavioral issues.

Beyond the Dog

Beyond the Dog offers a variety of private training programs under the supervision of Sean Savage (the only Certified Dog Behavior Consultant throughout Kansas City) and Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage (one of only 50 Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in the country) to provide the highest quality dog training available. From severe problem behavior to puppy obedience and general manners, Beyond the Dog helps owners reach their training goals by private in-home training programs, catering to the needs of each family they work with.