Rain Cleanup Time!

With all the rain we experienced recently, you may be wishing you had ways to keep your house clean from muddy paws and damp coats. We’ve got just the products to keep your dog and your house clean!

Stop in and check out our wide variety of items:

  • The Paw Wash and Paw Plunge – no more ruining nice towels and clean floors with muddy paws!
  • Dirty Dog Doormats – a mat perfect for wet dogs that absorbs all the moisture
  • Several Shampoos and Scented Sprays
  • Safe Cleaning Sprays
  • Self-serve and Full-serve Baths on site
  • Skilled Groomers
  • You can even take home your very own Barkery towel – which can be scented with essential oils!

Come in and treat your four-legged friend to a bath and stock up while you’re here – you’ll be glad you did!