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You may have seen what can happen to canine paws that come in contact with severely hot pavement.

It is heartbreaking to see our four-legged friends endure so much pain from doing one of the things they enjoy the most: going for a walk. Have you ever been at the pool and walked on hot pavement? Now imagine that feeling but much worse. Thankfully, PAWks, protective socks for your pal, were created to help with this very dangerous issue. PAWks feature an anti-slip wrap around silicone sole to keep the socks securely on your dog’s feet. Just like humans need protective footwear, so do our furry friends.

Here are a few other conditions where PAWks can come in handy:

  • Cold weather (not recommended for ice, however)
  • Salted sidewalks or streets
  • Other debris getting into the paws
  • Avoid scratches on your leather furniture or hardwood floors

Protect your pup from the scorching heat in Kansas City this summer with PAWks Indoor/Outdoor socks today! Stop in to either our Brookside or Lee’s Summit location, or order from the convenience of your home.