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Pet hair driving you crazy?! 4 tips for keeping your pet’s hair under control.

The summer weather is officially here and with it the dreaded summer shedding. No matter
the type of coat, pets typically grow a heavy coat in the winter to help insulate themselves and then shed the extra hair in the summer.  While many pet owners look to this season of cleaning pet hair with trepidation, shedding need not be feared with the help of a few simple tips to make pet fur more manageable.

  • Brush your pet! Regular, even daily, brushing is the best thing you can do to keep your home free of hair. Brushing will also make your pet’s coat softer, cleaner, and less likely to shed. Don’t have the right type of brush? Stop by Brookside Barkery and Bath to choose from a variety of pet brushes designed specifically to help combat shedding.
  • BarkeryMake sure to feed your pet an appropriate pet food. A pet’s coat is often a reflection of what they eat. Feed your pet a high quality food with good digestible
    protein sources. At the Brookside Barkey, we offer Kansas City’s largest selection of natural pet food. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the right type of food for your dog’s dietary needs.
  • Cover your furniture and car seats. Upholstery is a magnet for pet hair, and removing pet hair from furniture or car seats can be a tedious task. If you allow pets on your furniture or bed, you would be wise to invest in a few furniture throws. Throws will keep your furniture looking (and smelling) better and make your home more inviting to guests. Car seat covers will keep your car seats nice even with your frequent trips to the dog park.
  • Bathe your dog more frequently during the summer. A clean dog will have a healthier coat, and frequent bathing helps wash away the hair before it can work its way into your upholstery. Make your appointment at the Brookside Barkery and Bath and let one of our groomers pamper your pooch with one of our specialty spa services, like a relaxing message with essential oils to help sooth achy joints. Or you take advantage of our self service bathing stations which includes access to clean towels, silicone-free shampoos, a dryer and sanitized grooming tools.

While some fur types shed more than others, virtually all cats and dogs shed during the summer. While we can’t prevent shedding completely, hopefully these tips will make combating unwanted pet hair a more manageable task this summer.

*special thanks to Drs. Foster and Smith Educational Staff for these tips on controlling pet hair.