Glacier Peak Holistic’s Pet Wellness Assessment Kit

Does your pet have a rash or itchy skin? Does your pet suffer from frequent digestive upset, loose stools or vomiting? Are you constantly trying to determine what’s causing your dog or cat’s “allerigies”?

In most of these cases, you’re probably referring to a food intolerance or sensitivity, which is often remedied with a change in diet. For years, pet owners have struggled to determine which foods were causing upset in their pet. Now, we’re happy to offer a solution.

Pinpoint Your Pet’s Food Intolerances

Dogs can be sensitive to a variety of elements, and Brookside Barkery now has the solution that pinpoints EXACTLY what stresses your pet and PRECISELY what causes allergic reactions.

With the new Pet Wellness Assessment Kit from Glacier Peak, you can look at no fewer than 300 food and environmental factors that your dog may be sensitive to. This test eliminates the guesswork from food elimination trials at your vet, which can cost around $250 per ingredient tested. With this information, we work with you to craft the perfect diet for your pet, reduce stressors and allow your pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible.

The Pet Wellness Assessment Kit is easy and convenient. All you have to do is swab your pet’s saliva, collect a small hair sample, and mail it in. Best of all, you’ll get the results in only a couple of weeks! Take a look at an example of the results here.

The Wellness Assessment Kit retails for only $129.99 or $149.99 with a nutritional consultation.  Only $129.99 to give your pet the perfect diet AND eliminate food and environmental stressors!

Once you test your pet, the Barkery will provide a Nutrition Consultation for an additional $30 to work with you and with the results of the test, guiding your selections on food, treats, and supplements to make sure we’re giving your pet exactly what they need.

Chances are, you’ve been searching for a solution to your pet’s allergies for a long time. Let the Barkery help you in choosing the right foods to get your pet on the road to better health!

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See How It Works:

Many pet parents have trusted the results of the Wellness Assessment Kit along with the Barkery’s expert advice to significantly improve the life of their pet.

Customer Testimonial

Theodore is a prime example of the relief a Pet Wellness Assessment Kit can bring to your pet.

“We had tried every food out there and couldn’t find relief for our pup. The staff help us find some relief by getting Theodore tested for food & environmental sensitivities and stressors. We have peace of mind knowing we are feeding our dog food that doesn’t cause a reaction. Thanks Brookside Lee’s Summit!”

– Kelly B.

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