“We had tried every food out there and couldn’t find relief for our pup. The staff help us find some relief by getting Theodore tested for food & environmental sensitivities and stressors. We have peace of mind knowing we are feeding our dog food that doesn’t cause a reaction! Thanks Brookside Lee’s Summit!”

Kelly B.

“Our Labradoodle puppy was a finicky eater from day one. After using the assessment kit (which couldn't be any easier!) we were able to customize her diet plan and now she is eating like a champion (and healthy too)! Thanks to Brookside Barkery, this service is an unbelievable value and much appreciated!”

Thomas T.

“I bought the Wellness Assessment Kit through Brookside Barkery a while back for my dog who was having bad allergy reactions. My wife and I needed to do something and this seemed like the best plan of action. We quickly did the test and sent off the kit to get processed. Within a week we had our results and found out that we had been feeding our dog food that his body just couldn't handle. Every brand of food at Walmart, Target, Petco etc. had ingredients that he couldn't have. Brookside Barkery helped us every step of the way and found the perfect brand of food that would fit our dogs needs. We gave it a good 12 weeks for the changes to take affect. Sure enough, with time, our dog was happy and healthy again. I highly recommend the Wellness Assessment Kit whether you see signs of allergies or not. You never know what could be affecting your dog internally. It's cheap, it's easy, it's fast and it works!”

David G.

“We rescued our doberman a few years back and when we got him, we were told he had always had a skin issue. He had no undercoat at all and you could see his skin through his hair, that's how sparse his hair was on his body. He also had a huge allergy problem to which we were spending hundreds of dollars on allergy medicine each month (rashes, bumps, etc). A friend finally told us about the Sensitivity Assessment so we gave it a shot. We found out that he was sensitive to almost every ingredient in his current food! After finding a food that fit his needs, NO MORE ALLERGIES AND HE NOW HAS A FULL COAT! He's like a totally different more rashes, no more bumps and so much happier. I HIGHLY recommend this test.”

Shayna L.

“I am so thankful that I was told about this test. It has made choosing dog food for my dog so much easier. In the past I have tried all kinds of dog foods trying to get my dog to stop licking her feet or getting so many ear infections. This test tells me which foods she is sensitive to so I can make better choices when choosing her dog food.”


“Wish I had done this test much sooner!! My boxer puppy was itching from the day we got her at 8 weeks. I switched her food,tested for mites, looked for fleas, etc. Nothing. Switched food again and again, eliminating each time common irritants (sweet potato, rice, chicken etc) each time I would think I had it solved but the itching was getting worse. I added supplements for healthy skin (Missing Link) which my other Boxer had been on her whole life and it was fantastic. Still, the chewing of her feet and scratching her beautiful face until it bled!! Needless to say I was getting more distraught as the situation was just getting worse. FINALLY I sent for the test and her results were she was allergic to every protein we tried including salmon! All grains which I figured out, but the shocker was flax seed!! And Glucosomine! Both of which she was taking to be healthy!! So don't wait to order this kit if your pet is having problems as you'd be surprised what the triggers really are!!!!”

Gina G.

“Boy am I glad I ordered! I had my hesitations about spending the money on this test but I figured even if it was a waste and least I could rest easy knowing I tried. When we got the results back I was floored to see that literally every single item that we had concerns about, plus some surprising others, were marked as sensitivities for our pup. We had figured some out through trial and error but having solid results has helped our boy tremendously! We are now able to easily avoid his triggers and his ears haven't flared up or gotten gunky since! He rarely scratches, he never digs at his ears, and he's stopped chewing on his paws and legs. I absolutely recommend this to anyone whose pup is having allergy issues. It makes life so much more manageable when you can help them avoid their triggers!Seeing our boy finally get some relief has been well worth the money and I'd do it all over again if I could go back in time and do it earlier in his life!”

Nicole S.

“This is great, although my vet did roll his eyes, I believe it has to have some merit. I've tested 2 of my animals so far, a dog and a cat. Many of the things listed on my dog's assessment I had already known were issues, others were a surprise. My cat, I had no clue except that he had continual sores from an antibiotic resistant staph infection. Trying to switch food meant lip swelling and more sores. Found out through the testing that chicken is a trigger. Not easy finding a cat food with no chicken! but managed to do so and his skin is actually clearing up!!! No problem food switching, no lip swelling and he seems much happier. I have passed this site on to MANY people, as I am a dog groomer and see so many allergy dogs on a daily basis. Thanks for a great affordable test.”

Dru C.

“I bought this product because I was tired of trying and paying for several different kinds of foods for my dog to try. The results were very informative and gave us a really good idea of the issues our dog is possibly facing. I would highly recommend this test to anyone who is struggle with allergy issues in their pet.”

Alisa F.

“I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I had to keep changing my little coco's diet due to allergy wounds and it takes about 4-8 weeks to tell if something is working which made me feel so bad for her. Went to the vet tried antibiotics, steroid, fungal creams. I grabbed this test just before I was referred to the specialist and decided for $75 what do I have to lose before I spend $600 to $100. Well come to find out all the limited ingredient diets still had potato, sweet potato and things she was sensitive to. I found a great completely grain free and amazingly her wound is healed! I feel this assessment was right on. Thank you so much!”

Amy S.

“My dog suffered from diarrhea, gas and occasionally vomiting. Someone mentioned to have him tested for allergies. Turns out I was feeding him everything he's allergic to. The test narrowed it down and he was only left with just a few options to eat. Since switching his food he no longer has diarrhea, gas or vomits. Thank you!!!”

Shannon N.