Pamper your pet by adding one of our spa upgrades to any self-serve wash, full service bath, or grooming appointment.

Essential Oil Treatments

Essential oils support healthy skin and have been found in research to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune supportive properties. 

Joint Massage ($5): We’ll bring warmth and comfort to aching joints and tired muscles. Our caring staff will massage this into your pet’s joints to offer relief when too much exercise or too many years catch up with your best friend.

Calming ($5): A mix of lavender and other oils can bring tranquility to even the most stressed pet. Worried about your furry companion being frazzled during grooming or a bath? Adding on a Calming session can bring peace of mind for both of you.

Dry/Itchy Skin ($5): We prefer to address skin conditions nutritionally, and will offer dietary solutions for most skin issues. But while a new diet might fix the issue long-term, sometimes a pet needs quicker relief. We’ll apply a hot oil treatment to hot spots and irritations, soothing skin and promoting rapid healing.

Package Upgrades

Upgrade your pet’s bath or grooming appointment with one of the following packages. 

Flea Treatment ($5-$20): Nature’s Specialities Quick Relief Neem Shampoo with anti-itch and anti-bacterial abilities to soothe and relieve skin irritations, insect bites & itching, followed by Itch Relief Spritz and WonderCide’s all-natural flea & tick spray. (Price based on flea severity and length of coat.)

Dry Skin Treatment ($5): Starting with Barkery-formulated Dry Skin Essential Oil, followed by Shaemora or Earthbath Eucalyptus & Peppermint to relieve the most common skin problems while cooling and relieving irritated skin, and healing paw-balm for an all-over skin and coat moisturizing experience.

Calming Treatment ($5): Starting with the Barkery’s specially formulated calming essential oil to bring tranquility to your pet, followed by Earthbath’s calming and coat brightening Lavender Shampoo and calming spritz.

Paw Package ($20): The Paw Package includes a nail trim, trimming of the hair that grows between the pads of the feet, and an application of our in-house moisturizing paw balm. Add on a nail dremel for $8.