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CARNA4 products are highly recommended by the Barkery, and for plenty of good reasons.

The CARNA4 product line includes a sprouted seed digestive supplement, sprouted seed snacks, and two highly-recommended kibble recipes. Each 100% real food product is bursting with live enzymes, live probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
These recipes contain no synthetics of any kind, not even the vitamin pre-mixes found in most other “natural” foods.
The CARNA4 difference means that you’ll likely see a change in the health and vitality of your dog. Unlike any other product on the market, CARNA4’s fresh ingredients with bioavailable, boosted vitamins & minerals, probiotics & prebiotics, antioxidants, and Omega-3 fatty acids, have the power to give your dog a shiny new coat, brighter eyes, and a new spring in his or her step!
These recipes are extremely convenient when there is no time to home cook, for travel, or for when you forget to thaw meat for your pet.
Here are the highly-recommended CARNA4 products that we carry at the Barkery:

Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper

Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper simplifies the chore of learning how to effectively supplement live probiotics, plant enzymes, phytonutrients and whole food vitamins and minerals that are lacking in an all-meal diet.
This beneficial supplement adds enzymes and probiotics that can help a wide range of issues, including:

  • During and after treatment with antibiotics
  • To correct intermittent diarrhea and soft stools
  • To aid digestion when transitioning a new food

CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks

CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks are wholesome treats made from only sprouted seeds, fresh liver, fava bean and sweet potato! These treats are a great way to keep your dog healthy with food-based, synthetic-free, grain-free nutrition. Plus they taste delicious!
CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks contain guaranteed levels of live probiotics (18 billion cfu/kg) and enzymes (1 million U/kg); effective doses of 21 essential vitamins & minerals; and high levels of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids – all from true food ingredients.

Carna4 Dog Food

CARNA4 Dog Food comes in two wholesome recipes – Grain-free Duck and Chicken. Each recipe is complete and balanced for all life stages of your dog. This Canadian-made pet food starts with table-ready meat protein with no meat or vegetable meals, ever. These foods also contain whole produce and certified organic sprouted seeds.
Carna4 Dog Food is then quick-baked and gently dried to give your dog highly digestible vitamins and minerals, without synthetic additives of any kind. No vitamin pre-mix needed, ever.
Thanks to the sprouted seeds, Carna4 is low-glycemic and low gluten – ideal for sensitive dogs. These recipes contain locally sourced, 100% true food.
We are sure your puppy or dog will love the fresh taste of CARNA4 and you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with feeding your pet the safest, most nourishing complete pet food available. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, you can return the remainder of your package to us for a full refund.
Stop in to learn more about the CARNA4 difference today!