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Our journey with Brookside began a couple years ago. We recently had just brought home our beloved Olde English Bulldog (Charlie) and we wanted to begin proving the pups quality food after a long discussion with our vet. We checked into Brookside and instantly became part of the Brookside pact. Staff were so helpful in determining what our dogs needed in quality of food depending on their breeds and the health of them. They led us to Zignature for Lucy and Victor Hero for Charlie. We fell in love instantly with Brookside.

Fast forward to Feb 2017, and our Boston, Lucy, had been attacked at the dog park resulting in her needing to have her eye removed. But I never had to fear because Brookside was there to provide solutions with how to move past the trauma. They gave tips to calming techniques, what would work best for her during high anxiety times, and most importantly, were so patient with her in the store as we began to work on “re-socialization” and provided feedback along the way. They even led us to the most perfect cream that seriously was miracle cream on her wounds. She healed so quickly.

In May 2018, our sweet Bulldog, Charlie, had 3 ft of his intestines removed due to a foreign body. While Charlie was at the vet fighting infection after infection, Brookside staff provided hope every time I went in to either get more food for our other pup, or when I asked for education on the best toys for him. 5 weeks later, he was finally able to be cleared and had his stitches out. Brookside staff provided so much help and support as I came in needing some major help with a bath.

Brookside has been there for every step of the way throughout our journey. Staff have provided so much education, support, and love. They are top notch. We typically go to the Lee’s Summit store, however if the KC store carries something that we may need, they NEVER hesitate to have it transferred over for us. We are so proud to be part of the Brookside family.

Ps: the best photo that I have of them both is the Christmas one that you guys actually took for Christmas 2017. It’s always so hard to get them in a frame together.