Keeping your Single Cat Content

If you’ve ever thought of cats as aloof, solitary, and independent, you may be surprised to know that cats want company! And, just like humans and other social animals, they may become bored or depressed if they’re deprived of the companionship they crave. If you are the parent of a single cat, you’ll be glad to know that solitary cat status does not doom your kitty to a life of misery and boredom. There are plenty of things you can do to keep them purring by making his life stimulating and enjoyable.

  • Spend Time with your Cat– Bonding time is enjoyable for any cat, but it’s especially important if you’re the parent of a single cat. Make it a routine, the same time each day, so it’s something your kitty can expect and look forward to. Spend some one-on-one time every day paying special attention to your cat, whether it’s grooming, chatting, playing, or simplBrookside Barkeryy snuggling—whatever your cat (and you) enjoy the most. When you’re not home, however, you can alleviate Fluffy’s boredom and loneliness by providing a stimulating environment.
  • Create a Kitty Playground– Cats love to climb, hide, and scratch. So, if you don’t provide your single cat with an appropriate opportunity to indulge that love, you may return home one day to find that kitty’s natural need for climbing or scratching has been filled by an attack on your sofa or curtains. A cat tree provides the purr-fect (non-destructive) spot for your cat to scratch, stretch, climb, and survey his surroundings.

Here at Brookside Barkery and Bath we have a variety of cat playground equipment and toys sure to provide hours of entertainment, and help keep your furniture safe in your absence. Your cat will love the entertainment and change from his usual routine.

  • Bring the Outside to Him– The world outside is just full of things that cats find fascinating—birds, bugs, squirrels, blowing leaves—what cat wouldn’t love to spend the day exploring the big outdoors? As delightful as the outside may be, however, it’s also full of danger.

The good news is that you can bring many of the wonders of the outside to your cat without exposing him to the risks. Put up a few cozy perches in sunny windows around the house. If possible, put up a bird feeder outside one window to bring the entertainment up close! For more fun ideas for entertaining your cat, be sure to stop by Brookside Barkery and Bath!

A single cat can still be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. Just make sure to set aside quality time for human companionship, and keep his environment entertaining and interesting.

*via Litter Robot