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Is your pet fighting “the battle of the bulge”?

Many dogs and cats are overweight and unfortunately, many owners aren’t even aware that their pets need to lose weight. When your pet has a few extra pounds, that puts stress on their joints – increasing the risk of developing arthritis and taking years off their life. In order to give our pets a happy and healthy life, it’s very important to help them maintain a healthy weight. Use these 3 tips to help if you suspect that your pet is overweight – and to get them into a healthy lifestyle!

  • The first step is identifying if your pet is overweight. Your vet can tell you for certain if they are overweight, but there are some signs that you can look for on your own. Your pet might need to lose weight if they have an oval shape when you look down from above, you can’t feel their ribs, you can’t feel the bones near their pelvis, or you can see excess fat on their abdomen, hips and neck.
  • The next step is to change their diet. Get rid of any low calorie or “diet” pet foods. They won’t be getting the nutrition they need with these foods and is not the proper way for your pet to lose weight. Stop by Brookside Barkery & Bath and pick up an all-natural organic pet food that will help provide the nourishment your pet needs – while losing weight in a healthy way!
  • Make sure they get exercise daily. After your pet’s diet has been changed, be sure to take them out for exercise every day. This should include at least 20 minutes (60 minutes is better) of consistent aerobic activity. 

Of course, there are variety of ways to begin and maintain a healthier lifestyle for your pet. Brookside Barkery & Bath has assisted pet owners with trained expert advice about their pets’ health and wellness for over 10 years now! From the Barkery’s 100% guaranteed, all-natural dog food and organic pet foods to pet supplies and full service grooming facilities, the Brookside Barkery & Bath is your one stop shop to ensure your pet lives a happier, healthier life!