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Have you noticed sluggish behavior in your pets?

Winter weather has us all dragging a bit, especially when it comes to getting out of bed. But sometimes, a slower pace is a sign of a deeper problem. Stiff joints aren’t just a sign of lower temperatures when it comes to our fur babies. If your dog or cat shows signs of sluggish behavior, it’s time for a wellness visit to the vet!

Does Your Pet Suffer from Joint Stiffness? 

Check these symptoms and see if they resemble your pet’s behavior: 

  • Increasing reluctance to walk, jump or play
  • More frequent napping or resting
  • Difficulty getting up after lying down or sitting
  • Hesitation or refusal to go up and downstairs
  • Abnormal whimpering or snapping when you touch your pet’s joints or bones
  • Scuffed or uneven wear on nails
  • Swollen joints

When Should I Ask My Vet About Joint Stiffness? 

Regular wellness exams are important for your pet’s health. It’s always better to prevent illness with proper nutrition and exercise. Still, it’s equally important to schedule regular check-ups to catch any infection or health concerns before it turns into a serious issue.

What Causes Joint Stiffness in Pets? 

Stiff joints in pets are often caused by wear and tear – jumping, running, and regular playful behavior. This wearing away of the cartilage in your pet’s joints can begin to cause discomfort and inflammation. Some causes of joint stiffness are not only health-concerning but quite painful for your sweet companion! Cancers and osteoarthritis are severe conditions that cause harsh pain for your fur babies and can be life-threatening. 

Other Causes of Joint Stiffness Include: 

  • Accident or Trauma: If your pet suffered a broken limb or another type of injury, they might be more prone to joint stiffness. 
  • Age: Invest in a pain reliever.
  • Breed: Some breeds of dogs and cats are simply more prone to joint pain than others. It’s worth looking into or asking your vet about!
  • Improper Nutrition: If your pet isn’t getting the proper nutrients for strong bones and healthy joints, they are more likely to suffer joint inflammation or develop joint-harming diseases.
  • Infections: Lyme’s disease, for example, can cause severe pain
  • Obesity: Just like with humans, being overweight puts a harsh strain on your pet’s body. Excessive weight gain leads to heart trouble, breathing difficulties, and inflammation of the joints. 
  • Winter Weather: the elements get to us all! 

How to Treat Joint Stiffness in Pets

After consulting with your vet, drop on by the Barkery and Bath to find the best solution to ease your pet’s suffering. 

If your pet suffers from excessive weight gain, read more about obesity prevention! Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to your dog’s wellbeing! For obese pets with joint stiffness, opt for gentle exercise, and avoid high-impact activities like jumping or coming to a sudden stop. Starting with a daily walk is a good way to ease into a regular exercise routine – and the fresh air will be good for both of you! 

For older dogs or injury-related joint stiffness, safe pain treatments can relieve discomfort and reduce inflammation in the joints. Treating the cause of the pain is just as important as easing the symptoms after all. One favorite pain relief option is our CBD solutions for pets. CBD oils can ease your pet’s pain and increase her mobility, especially during the winter months! Of course, prevention is our favorite way to treat pet illness! Promote joint wellness and protect your pet’s wellbeing by giving him supplements to keep him happy and healthy! 

Our customers have a few favorite treatments that work well for their furry companions! Ask your vet about the following joint stiffness solutions! 

  • Four Leaf Rover’s Green Eggs are specially made for senior dogs and aim to support joint mobility and healthy skin. This is a clinically proven way to reduce osteoarthritic joint pain! 
  • Myristin helps repair and reduce dysplasia and other joint problems in both cats and dogs; this formula works wonders for chronic cases of joint pain. 
  • Herbsmith carries a hip and joint veterinarian-developed formula that supports healthy joints by maintaining the joint fluid’s normal viscosity. Easy to administer, this is a wonderful option for dogs of all ages and sizes. 
  • Super Snouts Joint Powder provides a rich source of glycosaminoglycans that assist in the repair of joint tissue. For flexibility, elasticity, and tensile strength in dogs and cats’ articular cartilage, choose Super Snouts! 
  • Adored Beast Apothecary offers a Jump for Joynts supplement designed to support healthy joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. This formula can aid issues like arthritis and bone and muscle injuries for both dogs and cats. 

If your pet is suffering from joint stiffness, drop by the Barkery and Bath after consulting with your vet. We can’t wait to help your sweet pup or kitty get back to their usual playful self! Contact us today for more information!