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Winter Stiffness? CBD Provides Relief for Humans and Pets

Do you hate getting out of bed on a chilly winter morning? So does your pet! But for your sweet little friend, it might have more to do with stiffness and pain than cold toes. 

Winter weather may be causing your pet pain. Dropping temperatures and hostile weather are no friend to aching joints and muscles, especially in older dogs. Cold weather is certainly not an agreeable awakening but if you notice your pet is drinking more and walking slower, they may be experiencing a cold, stiff and painful winter.

Winter season affects pets’ muscles, bones, and joints – and not just in older dogs! In colder seasons, the body’s priority is to protect the internal organs and keep them warm. Often your pet’s body will limit blood flow to their core and constrict the blood flow to their extremities (think legs, tail, nose and ears) in a process called vasoconstriction.

This lack of proper blood flow can quickly aggravate existing problems like old injuries or cause further discomfort to pets of an older age. As pets age, their muscles and the mucous membrane that separates them begins to deteriorate; without solid blood flow, these disadvantaged areas stiffen and can be quite painful for your aging companion.

CBD Oils Offer Relief

This is where Kansas City’s Best Pet Shop comes in to help! With a variety of high quality and safety approved tinctures and treats for both dogs and cats, Barkery and Bath can help you find the perfect CBD product to keep your pet more comfortable this winter.

CBD eases pain and provides relief by working with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to inhibit the production of a certain enzyme which breaks down the neurotransmitter anandamide. More simply put, anandamide eases discomfort, and CBD protects anandamide from being broken down. More anandamide means less discomfort; less discomfort supports greater mobility; greater mobility increases your pet’s quality of life!

CBD isn’t just an option for your pet’s pain relief, however. The Barkery and Bath has tinctures and treats safe for your pet’s anxiety relief!

With holidays and celebrations, the house gets busier and more crowded with decorations and hurried footsteps and visitors.  Many pets who are accustomed to a quieter lifestyle may become overwhelmed. Additionally, cold and windy weather can make houses extra drafty and creaky – these noises may be frightening for your pet! CBD oils can promote calming and relief from your pet’s fears.

To promote safe usage and customer education, the Barkery and Bath does not offer CBD products in the online store.

Be sure to drop by or contact us online! We’d love nothing more than to promote your pet’s overall wellness by guiding you in choosing the right CBD product.