Help! My Cat Brought Me a Mouse!

Anyone who has owned a cat for an extended period of time knows the reality of this scenario! Your sweet harmless kitten could, without any notice, turn into a deadly hunter on the prowl! And it’s really not your sweet cat’s fault. He is just following his instincts as a natural born hunter. Cats have an innate desire to catch things and hunt. It’s all part of the thrill of the chase. But why does your cat present you with the catch, as if thoughtfully leaving you a special gift to find!

WHY?!- Whether you enjoy gross mouse surprises or not, your cat thinks that you will. A mother cat will thoughtfully catch prey and bring it to her kittens to eat. Her gesture of leaving this dead mouse on your doorstep, at your feet, or Brookside Barkery even possibly in your bed, is actually an act of kindness. She considers you part of her family and would rather offer you her killing than consume it on her own. While this is sweet, you may not actually appreciate this gesture of kindness.

PREVENTION- Keep your cat from being a natural born hunter by keeping him inside. If this is not an option, try attaching a bell to his collar. Brookside Barkery and Bath provides a wide selection of collars and accessories for your cat. Stop in today to find one perfectly suited for your feline’s comfort and style. Adding a bell to the collar serves as a warning to mice and birds and helps to scare off potential prey by thwarting their ability to stealthily sneak up on it. This way, your cat can indulge his hunting instincts, but you are reducing the likelihood he’ll be successful and leave a present on your doorstep.

DISTRACTION- It can also be helpful to play with your cat in a way that satisfies her cat-and-mouse chase desires. You can do this by making or buying any type of interactive pet toy that simulates a sneaking prey. Look for the type of toy that you can move in front of your cat’s face, like a streamer or a ball on a string. Stop by Brookside Barkery and Bath to pick up some exciting and interactive toys. Your cat will enjoy the tease and want to take down the object, which is much better than taking down a live animal (or your feet as you come around the corner). Your cat can let out his pent up hunting energy on something safe and satisfying, as opposed to injuring a human or animal. Instinct is tough to overcome, so channel it in a way that is efficient, entertaining, and safe for the entire family.

*Special thanks to Litter Robot for these helpful tips!