Four Ways to Stop Flea Infestations

Modern Dog Magazine knows how important it is to keep your pets flea free and shares these four great tips!

#1 Regularly groom and bathe your dog with a natural shampoo formulated for dogs. At the Barkery we offer several shampoos, including the Proposoothe Shampoo  perfect for dogs with dry, itchy skin and allergies.

#2 Wash your dog’s bedding in hot, soapy water once a week. If your dog spends time on a blanket on the sofa, be sure to wash that as well.

#3 Vacuum your home once a week (get into the corners too, and pay special attention to the areas around your dog’s sleeping quarters.) Be sure to empty the vacuum canister and dispose of its contents. We like the amazing Dyson Dc51 Animal vacuum!

#4 Frequently use a fine-toothed flea comb on your dog. To check if your dog has fleas, pluck some of the hair and debris the comb has captured and press it between a dampened tissue. If the debris leaves red or rust coloured spots on the tissue, that’s flea dirt you have there which means your dog has fleas. If fleas are evident, check with your vet for the best flea solution for your dog.

Brookside Barkery and Bath can help you keep away the fleas with our bathing services. We also have several excellent flea prevention and treatment products in the store. Check out our blog here.  Call us today!