Exercise is Key for Dog Health

In an article from Dog Training Central titled “The Importance of Exercising Your Dog,” the author notes that exercise helps dog and humans alike.

Exercise is beneficial for dogs of all ages, as long as you adjust the amount of exercise to suit your dog’s age and fitness level. Not only are the physical benefits, but also mental.

“A dog that doesn’t get enough exercise will not only run the risk of developing health issues such as obesity, heart disease and arthritis, he will also develop various behavioral issues. Lack of exercise results in boredom and frustration, the dog may try to deal with these feelings by developing destructive patterns of behavior such as aggression and destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, digging and escaping.”

The author notes that a dog that isn’t allowed to work off excess energy and tension through exercise may develop aggressive tendencies and goes on to say that boredom will lead the dog to try to entertain himself with stress relieving behavior such as chewing.

Regular exercise is key for a happy, healthy and long life. A backyard can be helpful for activity, though you should ideally take your dog out for daily walks. Walking your dog daily will benefit both you and your dog. This also helps dogs to become more socialized and accepting of new situations and environments which helps build confidence.

Some pet owners can jog with their dog or train their dogs to jog next to them while they’re cycling. You should only attempt to do this if your dog is physically fit enough to handle vigorous exercise. Swimming is another activity you can do with your dog; most dogs love to swim once they’ve tried it a few times. Dogs are natural swimmers and it shouldn’t take long for your dog to enjoy regular swims with you. There are special life jackets for safety designed just for dogs that you can purchase.  And of course, a good ol’ game of fetch is another great way to exercise your dog.

“The key to an effective exercise program is regularity; try to maintain aregular exercise schedule for your dog. Giving your dog regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for him and will help him live a healthier and happier life. Remember to make sure you consider your dog’s fur coat and the hot sun too. Your vet will be able to give you the best advice on how much exercise and temperature changes your dog can handle according to his age, breed and level of health.”