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Gregg Johnson, founder of Minsky’s Pizza, is a loyal customer and friend here at the Barkery.

He and wife Damaris regularly stop in to have his three labradoodles in to be groomed. He also happens to have helped us find our new location in Brookside East and wanted to add a unique piece of art at our new space.  That’s when a massive dog sculpture arrived!

“American Dog” Sculptures by Dale Rogers

“American Dog” is a cor-ten steel (normally used in bridges and other structures) sculpture created by Massachusetts sculptor Dale Rogers. Standing tall at roughly 8′ high, it was no small feat to get this pup into the store! With the help of Gregg and several Minsky’s partners, plus Barkery co-owner Larry Stout, we made it happen! View photos of the arrival above.

Gregg came across the sculpture at the Vickers Collection gallery in Aspen, Colorado.

“We’re dog lovers,” said Gregg, “And it’s such a great piece. I thought it would be a good conversation piece to have at the Barkery.”

And he would be right! We can’t wait for you to stop in to our new location and get a pic with the huge canine! Stay tuned on details of our reopening in the coming days.