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Save this month on Acana and Ziwi Peak dog & cat food recipes!

Acana is made from fresh, regionally sourced ingredients and is designed to nourish your pet in a biologically appropriate way. These protein-rich, carbohydrate limited diets are sustainably & ethically sourced, and guaranteed to give you peace of mind while keeping your companion happy, healthy, and strong. This month only, try Acana and save:

  • $5 off large bags of dog food
  •  $3 off medium bags of dog and cat food
  •  $2 off small bags of dog and cat food

Ziwi Peak’s 100% natural, gently air-dried recipes, treats, and cans with over 90% meat, bone and organ ingredients are also on sale this month!

  • All Ziwi Peak products: Buy one get one 50% off