Summer Showers Should Bring Snuggles, Not Stress

Do the spring and summer storms have your pets in all kinds of knots?

Storm anxiety is not uncommon among several household pets. It’s heartbreaking to see your pup or kitten curled up shaking, whimpering, or drooling even. Perhaps you’ve tried secluding them in a quieter area of the house like a bedroom or bathroom only to have your pet wreak havoc on the furniture from stress.  If your sweet (or even mischievous) pet has been suffering from storm anxiety, check out the Barkery and Bath selection of calming treats for dogs and cats alike. Perhaps your furry friend needs a little pal of his own as well; browse our toys for a soft stuffed animal that might help. We have a variety of toy options for dogs and cats to distract from the heavy wind and rain outside; be sure to peek at our catnip choices for a little extra something special for your cat. Sometimes these coping methods are long-term, a distraction anytime there’s a storm; other times pets learn that storms mean treats and extra snuggles! It’s a win win for a happy home no matter what the weather may bring.  Check out our online store for delivery you can’t refuse!

We also know that spring and summer storms bring a lot of mud! The rain might be great for your garden, but it’s not so helpful when it comes to clean paws. Pets need to spend time outside just like humans do; whether it’s a little backyard fun or a good walk at the park, sunshine and fresh air are crucial ingredients for good health. The dilemma is that some furry pals (here’s looking at you pups) enjoy muddy puddles more than others. The Barkery and Bath has got your back….and your paws….and your muddy coat. Make sure to set up a grooming appointment! Please note that at this time bathing services are by appointment only; self-serve bathing is still unavailable. Thank you for your understanding.

In case you missed it, our retail locations are open again! Come by our relocated Brookside store to check out our retail and updated items; while you’re at it, be sure to take a picture with our new American Dog sculpture!

Have any questions? Please reach out and let us know! The Barkery and Bath is here to help you and your furry friends stay happy and healthy!