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Champion Pet Foods, makers of Orijen and Acana dog and cat foods, recently had a lawsuit filed against them for “false advertising” among other charges. The Class Action lawsuit with consumers in Minnesota, California, and Florida, claims that Acana and Orijen have levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, and Bisphenol A (BPA) that were undisclosed to consumers.

This lawsuit is based on findings from the Clean Label Project, a group that uses “bad science” (Forbes, 2017) to award star ratings to foods based on testing done in an independent lab, but does not release or publish its data unless you purchase it and sign a nondisclosure agreement (RawFeedingCommunity, 2017). On the Clean Label Project’s website, you will find brands like Purina, Freshpet, Hill’s Science Diet, Iams, and Pedigree with 5-star ratings, and 1-star ratings for brands like Nulo, Lotus, Fromm, Petcurean Now, Petcurean Go, Orijen, Acana, Earthborn, and Nature’s Logic.

The Clean Label Project uses fear, uncertainty and doubt as a “disinformation strategy,” according to Forbes, and continues to gain traction among recent “clean” trends in both human and pet food industries.

Champion Pet Foods shared its response on March 19, assuring consumers that they are confident in the safety and quality of their products, and that the so-called “heavy metals” are naturally occurring elements which can be found in miniscule amounts in both human and animal diets.

We will continue to monitor the situation and promptly share any developments that occur.

To read the full lawsuit, click here. To see Champion’s response, click here.