CBD Oils – The Natural Option for Your Pet’s Health

CBD Pet Health Benefits Range from Pain Relief to Mental Wellness

Looking for natural ways to improve your pet’s health? The Barkery is here to help! Using natural products to promote wellness and pain relief, CBD (cannabidiol) is an excellent option for all-natural healing. The Barkery carries a variety of all natural, completely legal cannabis compound products that are abundantly beneficial to your furry companion’s health and wellness. These health benefits are not limited to pain relief only but also aid with mental health. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Ease of suffering from chronic conditions like joint inflammation, chronic pain, seizures, epilepsy, and arthritis
  • Helps with allergies and skin issues
  • Boosts appetite and aids in digestive problems
  • Helps to battle cancer and tumors
  • Helps heal glaucoma
  • Reduces anxiety and phobias
  • Reduces aggressive behavior

Wondering about the wonderful effects of CBD for your pet and curious about its options for your own health? Visit Brookside Holistic Solutions  or ask your local Barkery assistant to show you a few options!

When choosing healing CBD options for your pet, be careful when selecting your product. Unlike CBD, the more well-known cannabis compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is toxic and dangerous to dogs. While CBD promotes calmness, balance, and health in mammals including dogs, THC-dominant strains can negatively affect your beloved pet with psychoactive side effects. In fact, dogs are highly sensitive to it, and you should avoid it at all costs. Choose organic CBD hemp compounds, and only buy from trustworthy brands. Check with your vet; there are many CBD vets out there!

The amount needed to overdose on CBD is very high, so this is a very rare occurrence, but you should still start small. An overdose won’t cause paranoia or anxiety, but it can cause your pet to feel sick and to experience vomiting/diarrhea. The proper way to dose is according to body weight:

  • Low Dosage: 0.05mg per pound twice daily
  • Medium Dosage: 0.125mg per pound twice daily
  • High Dosage: 0.25mg per pound twice daily

Start with the lowest dosage option and monitor your pet for a week. If your pet is still suffering, move up to the next level of dosage until your dog feels better.

The Barkery carries a variety of CBD pet-safe treats and tinctures (drop administered orally or added to food).

Tinctures include:

  • Pharmahemp – formulated for pets up to 90 lbs; each tincture provides a 30+ day supply; intended for proactive daily cannabinoid therapy
  • Treatibles – instill calm, normal, emotional balance and ease; support a healthy digestive tract and strong immune system; promote healthy joints, flexibility, and the body’s normal inflammatory response
  • Emmitts – made with organic broad-spectrum hemp; contains no THC; reduces anxiety, stress, and pain
  • Pet Releaf – lets you search by dog or cat, all natural, 100% safe, effective
  • Myaderm – pharmacist-formulated to provide relief at the source of pain and inflammation deep in the tissues with no side effects
  • Charlotte’s Web – aids with calmness and relaxation; promotes healthy hips and joints; supports skin health; includes botanical blends, chicken-flavored oils, and topical balm
  • Lazarus – comes with a graduated dropper to ensure accurate serving size; began and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners

Treats include:

  • Pharmahemp – for cats and dogs and meat-loving pets, made with fresh, single-source animal protein; made of chicken, hemp-derived CBD oil, herring oil, and vitamin E
  • Treatibles – reduces anxiety, discomfort, loss of appetite; aids in digestive tract issues
  • Edibites – come in natural delicious flavors like peanut butter banana, blueberry cranberry, and sweet potato pie
  • Green Coast Pet – come in whitefish, chicken, and peanut butter flavors; supports relaxation; boosts a normal inflammatory response; promotes a strong immune system; encourages good neurological function; helps maintain hip and joint mobility
  • Vital Essentials – ensures your dog’s natural rhythm stays in sync with all meat freeze-dried chews
  • Bark n Big – serves hemp infused all-natural animal meat; relieves pain, anxiety and seizures; aids in digestion

Ready to try all-natural options to help ease your pet’s suffering? Ask your local nutrition specialist at Brookside Barkery and Bath  guide you in choosing the right CBD product for you & your pet.

Solve Your Pet’s Shedding Problem with Probiotics

As the first frosts decorate the windows, you curl up on the couch with your pet ready to snuggle up and drink hot chocolate only to find that your couch is covered with fur, and your favorite cozy blanket is full of pet hair no matter what you do to try and get rid of it.

Brookside Barkery and Bath is here to help this holiday season. Pet owners do not have to settle for dog hair in their blankets or strands of cat fur in their cups; there’s a big difference between a bit of seasonal shedding and the excessive shedding you may find happening in your home!

You may understand the important role that probiotics play in balancing your internal health, including keeping your own hair in place and healthy. But did you know that your pets are no different? Excessive pet shedding occurs when there is an internal imbalance, often caused by nutritional deficiency.

Alex Strawder, manager at our Brookside location noted, “EVERYTHING starts in the gut. When you see issues topically, it is almost always stemming from an unbalanced gut. That’s the first place we like to start when we see an issue. Healthy gut = healthy body.”

We carry multiple lines of pet-focused probiotics, designed to help stabilize and enhance your companion’s gut health, including:

  • Adored Beast offers several great products for gut health, including their Gut Soothe for cats and dogs. Helps to rebalance and cultivate proper growing conditions for friendly digestive flora destroyed by antibiotics and toxins. Aids in the digestion of food and supports a healthy immune system, thus improving overall skin health.
  • FLORA4 This nutritious mix is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics. Sprinkle onto food to add super nutrients to help with managing occasional diarrhea and indigestion. It can also be added to your pet’s daily meal as a whole food supplement to help improve skin and coat, breath, digestion, and immunity.
  • Animal Essentials We carry the plant-based enzyme and probiotic powder, healthy guy, daily digestion, and colon rescue powder and tincture.
  • View additional products for skin health in our online store

Alex also recommends rotating products to give better balance to your pet’s internal system, but also adds, “Some dogs and cats do best on just one formula and that is if that’s what the animal needs.” The Barkery team can help you choose the right probiotic for your pet – just be sure to ask!

It’s time to pay attention to the wafts of hair around your house and make a change! Your pet’s coat may not be sending season’s greetings, but rather a distress health call! Drop by and ask about probiotic options for your pet. We are here to help you and your pet experience a happy, healthy, less hairy holiday!




November Special – Ziwi Peak, Zignature, Fussie Cat & Fromm

We’ve got something for everybody this month at the Barkery! With savings on Ziwi Peak, Zignature, Fussie Cat, and Fromm, there’s a treat in store for all of your four legged companions.

Zignature & Fussie Cat

  • Buy a large bag, get 3 free cans
  • Buy a medium bag, get 2 free cans
  • Buy a small bag, get 1 free can

Valid in-store only.

Ziwi Peak

  • $7 off 2.2lb Air Dried Recipes
  • $4 off 14oz & 16oz Air Dried Recipes for dog & cat
  • $1 off cat & dog cans
  •  $2 off chews and treats

Valid in-store or online.


  • Buy any medium-large cat or dog dry food recipe, get a small bag FREE!

Valid in-store only.

Are Air Fresheners Toxic to Pets?

No one likes the smell of a stinky house – especially a stinky house caused by your pet! The natural reaction of most homeowners is to plug in or spray the air freshener to cover up those nasty odors.

Before you reach for the air fresheners, it’s important to know many can be very toxic to animals. One of the most prominent offenders included on the ingredient list for a number of air fresheners are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). VOCs are also found in paints, fossil fuels, benzene, formaldehyde and cigarette smoke.

VOCs can cause:

  • Nose, throat and eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Loss of coordination
  • Damage to central nervous system, liver and kidney
  • Cancer

One of the latest “natural” alternatives to air fresheners today is essential oils. But, don’t be mistaken – essential oils are also defined as volatile and can be very toxic to animals.

Choose a Natural, Safe Alternative

Looking for an all-natural, pet friendly air freshener alternative? Try simmering spices, herbs, citrus peels and mints on your stovetop or in your crockpot. Create your own combination, or try one of these pleasant recipes posted by Modkat for yourself!

Holiday Delight

  • Peels from two apples
  • Six cinnamon sticks
  • Two tablespoons of whole cloves
  • One teaspoon of vanilla
  • One orange peel
  • ¼ cup of fresh or frozen cranberries

Rosemary Lemon

  • One sliced lemon
  • Several sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Two cups of water

Cinnamon Orange 

  • Two quartered oranges
  • Six cinnamon sticks
  • Two tablespoons of whole cloves
  • Two cups of water

Stop by Kansas City’s best pet store at our Brookside or Lee’s Summit location to discover more all-natural, pet safe products!

Pet Safety Tips this Halloween

Halloween is just a few short days away – which means pumpkins, candy, costumes and all things spooky! As exciting as Halloween in Kansas City can be, it’s also a time of caution for pet owners – black cat owners specifically.

Not only are black cats often associated with dark forces, but many end up missing on Halloween night due to pranks and other unspeakable reasons. Did you know the majority of shelters don’t even adopt out black cats during the entire month of October for their safety?

To ensure both your family and pets enjoy a fun and safe Halloween this year, please remember the following tips:

Keep Your Pet Safely Indoors

Animals can easily become anxious when children are constantly ringing your doorbell while wearing strange costumes and yelling, “Trick or treat!” Keep your pet in their own safe haven for the evening – a pet carrier or a closed room are a couple of options. Not only does keeping your pet in a safe place help calm nerves, but it also eliminates the risk of your pet running away with the constant opening and closing of the front door. As an additional precaution, always make sure your furry companions are wearing identification!

Save the Candy for The Humans

One of the biggest hazards to furry family members during Halloween is candy. Chocolate is especially toxic to both cats and dogs. Be aware of candy wrappers as well – ingesting wrappers can cause choking or even life-threatening bowel obstruction. Keep candy in secure containers in an area your animal companions cannot gain access to. If you have reason to believe your pet has ingested something toxic, contact the Pet Poison Helpline immediately!

Halloween Costumes 

Who doesn’t love an adorable pet dressed in an even more adorable Halloween costume?! As exciting as dressing your pet for the day can be, it is important to make sure your animal is safe. Use non-flammable and non-toxic items that your pet is comfortable in. Also, make sure the costume doesn’t restrict your animal’s movement, breathing or vision.

Choose Your Decorations Carefully

Decorations pose a threat to not only cats, but all animals. Keep your four-legged friends away from jack-o-lanterns, candles, balloons and any other decorations they could ingest, become tangled in or be injured by.

After the commotion of Halloween begins to die down and you’ve put all potentially hazardous items away, give your cat (or dog!) a belly rub for putting up with all the loud, strange humans that come out on Halloween! Moving forward, it is important to remember cats are safer living indoors. After all, knowing your beloved pet is safe and happy is the best treat you can give yourself this Halloween season!

October Special – Farmina, Fromm & Primal

Brookside Barkery and Bath is running a special on Farmina dog and cat food all month long! Farmina dog & cat food is all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated. Using only the finest raw ingredients and following strict guidelines set by nutritional experts, Farmina is nature and science in perfect harmony.

Through the month of October, save big on Farmina dog and cat food:

  • $8 off large bags of dog food
  • $6 off medium bags of dog food
  • $4 off small bags of dog food
  • $4 off medium bags of cat food
  • $2 off small bags of cat food

Plus – Fromm & Primal have teamed up for a special offer available this month only. Buy any bag of Fromm dry food, and receive a FREE Primal Bone Broth, Goat Milk, or Elixir to build a better bowl for your pet. This offer is available in-store only.

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 9th is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

Each year, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) conducts a pet nutrition and weight management survey pet owners and veterinary professionals to complete. This survey is used to help advocate against the growing pet obesity trend and improve pet nutrition. In 2018 alone, their survey estimated 56% of dogs and 60% of cats in the United States were obese or overweight.

Click here to participate in APOP’s 2019 pet obesity survey

When it comes to pet obesity, Brookside Barkery is passionate about educating Kansas City pet owners to make the right nutrition choices for their pets. There’s much more to pet obesity than just being plump and out of shape – a number of related diseases and conditions can occur when cats and dogs are overweight. These include, but are not limited to:

• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Heart Conditions
• Chronic Inflammation
• Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders
• Kidney Disfunction
• Strained Bones, Joints & Organs

Not only do all of these diseases and conditions lead to a diminished quality of life, but they ultimately lead to reduced life expectancy.

Think your pet may be on the road to obesity? Consult the resources offered by APOP – including easy to use at-home body condition tests or schedule a visit with your vet. Also, be sure to give your pup the daily exercise needed to stay in shape.

At Brookside Barkery, our mission is “Better Health through Better Nutrition” and our goal is to provide the most up-to-date holistic health information to our patrons. Our driving passion is helping owners provide only the best for their animal companion. To help fulfill that mission, we offer the largest selection of natural pet food in Kansas City. Stop by the Barkery in Brookside or Lee’s Summit to learn more.

8 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

8 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

Now that the weather has changed to fall in Kansas City – the idea of taking your pup for a walk sounds more bearable! With a number of leash options from standard to retractable, it’s important to do your research when selecting the best leash for your furry friend. Though retractable leashes may be appropriate for some dogs and training purposes, generally speaking, retractable leashes are not the right choice.

Below are 8 reasons why the pet experts at The Barkery do not recommend the use of retractable leashes.

  1. With retractable leashes extending anywhere from 16 to 26 feet, the further the distance of your dog, the greater the chance of an accident occurring. The closer your dog is to you, the quicker you can prevent a dangerous situation – like your pet running out in front of a car.
  2. The distance of a retractable leash increases the potential of your dog being approached by another aggressive dog. With a standard flat leash, you have a greater ability to keep your dog safe and close. Plus, the freedom to pull at the end of the retractable leash may come off as aggression – making the other dog even more likely to fight back.
  3. When you use a retractable leash with a powerful dog, the leash can easily snap when they take off at full speed and the bulkiness of retractable leashes can easily be pulled out of your hand. This puts your dog, yourself and whatever your pup is chasing in danger.
  4. You, the dog walker, can easily get tangled up in the cord of a retractable leash – resulting in falls, burns and in extreme situations – amputation. In addition to getting tangled up, you can be pulled to the ground by a strong dog who reaches the full length of the retractable leash at a high speed.
  5. Not only can you get injured by sudden stops and jerks when the length of the retractable leash runs out, but so can your pup. Neck wounds as well as spinal injuries have been proven to occur with the use of a retractable leash.
  6. Many dogs are fearful of the sound of dropped retractable leash hitting the ground. Though this doesn’t cause any physical harm to your dog, it can create a lasting fear of not only leashes but going on walks as well.
  7. Retractable leashes tend to malfunction over time – this can happen mid-walk increase the risk of harm to you and your pup. Playing it safe with a 6” standard flat leash is a great way to avoid this risk all together.
  8. If your dog is not yet trained to properly walk on a standard leash, the use of a retractable leash will train your pup to pull while walking on the leash. The Barkery recommends you train your dog on a regular leash and only use a retractable leash for specific situations once they are already properly trained.

Want to learn more about why The Barkery advocates the use of standard leashes over retractable leashes? Stop by Brookside Barkery & Bath in Brookside or Lee’s Summit and ask to speak to one of our trained staff members.

Just Say No – To Declawing Cats

With a goal to improve and protect the lives of cats, Alley Cat Allies is, “the global engine of change for cats.” One of these actions is education on why cats need their claws.

When a cat is declawed, the last joints of a cat’s toes are surgically amputated – causing trauma and permanent damage. Not only is declawing a cat both physically and psychologically harming, but cats rely on their claws for protection, muscle stretching/strengthening and grooming needs.

Side effects from declawing include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Infections
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Swelling
  • Radial nerve damage
  • Paw pad lacerations
  • Behavioral issues

If you’ve been considering getting your cat declawed, it’s important to know there are many humane alternatives to help solve your feline friend’s clawing issues. These alternatives include scratch posts, nail caps and spray deterrents.

Currently illegal in eight cities in California and in Denver, CO – the number of state bills to ban the inhumane act of declawing is continuing to rise. Click here to join Alley Cat Allie’s pledge against the declawing of cats.