July Special at the Barkery

We’re offering some great savings this month for dog and cat guardians! Orijen and Acana pet foods are made from fresh, regional ingredients and are designed to nourish your dog or cat in a biologically appropriate way. These protein-rich, carbohydrate limited diets are sustainably & ethically sourced, and guaranteed to give you peace of mind while keeping your companion happy, healthy, and strong. July is a great month to try Orijen and Acana with these amazing savings:

  • Dog food: Buy a large bag, get a small bag free!
  • Cat food: Buy a medium bag, get a small bag free!
  • New Orijen or Acana customers – buy a small bag, get a small bag free!

January Special at The Barkery

The January special includes two of our favorites, Stella & Chewy’s Raw and Frozen Food, and Fromm’s Gold and Four Star recipes.Fromm Logo with Bags

Stella & Chewy’s Raw/Frozen food contains organic fruits and vegetables, and is minimally processed which makes it easy for your furry friend to digest. This month is a great time to try raw/frozen food for your dog and get a major discount in the process! Get $3-$5 off the above raw/frozen bags.

Fromm is one of our top selling foods for both cats and dogs. This month you can get free gold cans from Fromm when you purchase a bag of kibble. Fromm food is also complete and balanced and easy to digest. You can add moisture to the regular kibble by adding the canned food as topper or feeding it to your pets alone.

November Special at the Barkery

The November special is on one of our very best kibble-type foods: NOW FRESH by Petcurean.

So what makes it different?  Well start with 0% grains, gluten, wheat, beef, chicken, corn or soy. Then throw in 0% rendered meats, by-products, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives.  In other words, what’s in your dog or cat’s bowl is Natural with a capital N.

There’s also a huge variety for dogs AND cats.  All proteins.  All life stages.  NOW FRESH is especially good for pets with food allergies.  So ask a Barkery associate!

Meantime, all November long, we’re offering great discounts on this great food:

$2 off of small bags (dog or cat)

$4 off of medium bags (dog or cat)

$6 off of large bags!



April Special at the Barkery

When it comes to great food, it’s time to GO!

For April, we’re bringing in new varieties of GO! by Petcurean.

Our customers tell us, time and again, that their dogs become healthier, happier and more alert on GO!™ recipes. That’s because GO!™ was created to be a complete, nutrient-packed food that puts more “life” into everyday dogs.

It has high protein, lower carb recipes that help your dog stay strong and fit; recipes formulated for dogs with food sensitivities and specific dietary needs; and recipes that provide preventative care to keep dogs healthy for life.

GO!™ recipes are prepared with a balanced blend of premium quality protein from chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon, duck, and trout; plus fruits, veggies, herbs, and berries. GO!™ is available in whole grain and grain free recipes, and has zero growth hormones, by-products, or artificial preservatives.

And now GO! offers three new LIMITED INGREDIENT formulas! Each is a single-protein recipe and they’re available in duck, venison, or salmon!

Limited Ingredient Diets, or LID’s, are perfect for pets with food sensitivities or specific dietary needs.  All of them are grain free, gluten free, and potato free.  Loaded with fruits & veggies (which means antioxidants!), they also feature a prebiotic and probiotic, ensuring your pet gets the maximum benefit from all of that nutrition.


GO! Special Prices for April

Dog recipes: Take $3 off small, $5 off medium, and $7 off large bags

Cat recipes: Take $3 off small bags.


We’ve got the purrfect gift for your pet this holiday season!

The Christmas Train just stopped at the Barkery and we’re loaded up with perfect ways to make this the best Christmas ever for your furriest friend.

We’ve got gift baskets for every budget.  We’ve got giant candy canes and Christmas bones!  Santa toys and snowmen too!  And yep, elves and reindeer, because Santa needs his helpers.

And for a one-of-a-kind item, we can customize a sturdy glass treat jar with your pet’s name on it! Now everyone will know whose treats those are.

So come in and see us! When it comes to gifts for pets and pet lovers, we’ve got Santa beat!


lotus specialStop in and stock up on Lotus during September!

“Lotus offers a unique line of holistic, oven-baked dry foods, canned stews and raw foods, all created for the long, happy life of your favorite dog or cat. We’re talking high-quality animal proteins like lamb and poultry, whole fruits and veggies, our unique oil blend bursting with omega-3s and 6s, and energy giving carbs like barley and potatoes, all baked into tasty little cookies and savory stews that will have your pet smiling from ear to floppy ear.”


  • $7 Off Large Bags of Lotus

  • $4 Off Medium Bags

  • $2 Off Small Bags


  • $4 Off Medium Bags

  • $2 Off Small Bags


Buy 3 get 1 FREE – Lotus Dog and Cat Canned Food – All varieties!


Enjoy GREAT SAVINGS on Zignature in August! 

$7 off Large Bags

$4 off Medium Bags

$2 off Small Bags

+ Free can with medium and large bags

What makes Zignature products so unique from other pet foods?

Zignature pet foods contain only the best natural ingredients available with no cheap fillers. Meat or Fish is the first ingredient and backed by Meat or Fish Meal as the second ingredient. This means they will receive the proteins needed to build a soft silky coat, healthy muscles and strong bones. We never put large amounts of simple carbohydrates as the first or second ingredient. Our limited ingredients blend of nutrients and antioxidants provide superior nutrition while sensitive to our four pawed family members with allergies.


Save Big on Weruva and B. F. F. in July

Throughout July save BIG on Weruva and B. F. F. !

2015-07-01_181620% OFF of ALL Weruva cans INCLUDING b.f.f. cat food

From Weruva: “Our formulas are produced in a human food facility using many of the ingredients and processes that are used in products made for people. Our base proteins of chicken, beef and fish include only top quality muscle meat, such as white breast chicken, whole tuna loins and select cuts of beef. Then we add fresh vegetables and other unique items such as grilled skipjack, tilapia and red bigeye tuna, as well as calamari and shirasu. Our ingredients maintain a natural look and recognizable texture which allows the pet owner to see and understand the ingredients…so what you see is what you get!”

Click here  to check out Weruva products in our online store! 

June Specials at the Barkery

We’ve got two awesome specials for you for the beginning of summer!

Stella and Chewy’s: Raw/Frozen Items

$3 OFF Small Bags | $4 OFF Medium Bags | $5 OFF Large Bags

Nature’s Logic: Kibble, Cans & Frozen Items

$2 OFF Small Bags | $4 OFF Medium Bags | $7 OFF Large Bags

$5 OFF – 6 lb. Raw Frozen Meals | $3 OFF – 3 lb. Raw Frozen Meals

+ Receive a FREE 13 oz. CAN of Nature’s Logic with purchase of a medium or large bag of food

Stop in today and stock up on these nutritious foods for you pup!