Remedies for Kennel Cough

What is kennel cough, you ask?

If your dog seems to be coughing a lot or making choking sounds, he may have a case of canine infectioustracheobronchitis, more commonly known as kennel cough. Believe it or not, as awful as the choking, hacking noises sound, most episodes of kennel cough are not serious and resolve without treatment.

Dr. Becker from Mercola states that, “Kennel cough has a number of different causes, only one of which — the most common cause — is the Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria. Many people think bordetella is kennel cough, but that is technically inaccurate. In fact, dogs that acquire the bordetella bacteria usually have a virus that makes them more vulnerable to infection. Some of these viruses are the canine adenovirus, distemper, canine herpes, and the parainfluenza virus. Kennel cough is a form of bronchitis and is similar to a chest cold in humans.”

Kennel cough is contagious, so whether your dog has the illness or you know of dogs that do, make sure to keep them apart until they are well.

How does a dog get kennel cough?

Your dog comes down with kennel cough when she inhales bacteria or virus particles. The lining of the respiratory tract can be debilitated through exposure to cold temperatures; dust, cigarette smoke or other particles in the air; stressful situations like travel; and time spent in crowded conditions like those found in many animal shelters and boarding kennels.

What are the symptoms?

The universal symptom of a bordetella infection is a persistent, hard, “honking” cough. Your pup may gag or cough up foamy looking white phlegm. Occasionally a dog will have other signs of illness like a running nose, sneezing or a discharge from his eyes.

Kennel cough rarely results in appetite loss or lethargy, so if your pup is showing those symptoms as well, there could be something else going on.

Six natural remedies

Often kennel cough resolves on its own, much like the human cold. Here are some other remedies you can try for relief:

  1. Esberitox. This is a fast-acting Echinacea that I have found very effective in reducing the virulence of bordetella infections.
  2. Vitamins C and E. Vitamin C is an antiviral and E provides immune system support.
  3. Oregano oil has antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  4. Astragalus is an herb used in Chinese medicine to enhance the immune system, support lung function and stimulate the regeneration of bronchial cells.
  5. Raw garlic and olive leaf are natural antibacterial and antiviral agents.
  6. Raw honey will ease the discomfort of coughing, and certain herbs will soothe and naturally suppress a cough, among them licorice root and marshmallow.

As always, you should talk with your holistic veterinarian about natural remedies and the doses or applications most appropriate for your pet.



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Cat Bites Should be Taken Seriously

Cats have sharp teeth that can easily puncture skin, transferring bacteria from the cat’s mouth into your body

Did you know that Cat Bite Patients sometimes require a hospital stay?
A study conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, evaluated 193 patients who saw a doctor or went to an emergency room for a cat bite on the hand or wrist from 2009 to 2011. (The wrist and hand are common locations for cat bites, and are also prone to infection.)

Of the 193 patients, 36 were immediately admitted to the hospital, 154 were given antibiotics and sent home, and three received no treatment. Most of those sent home with antibiotics were treated successfully (86 percent), but 21 ultimately had to be hospitalized. On average, approximately 50% of cat bites become infected.

Accorind to Dr. David Maloney, “Cats have a high population of bacterial pathogens in their mouths, including Prevotella species, Actinomyces and Streptococcal species. They also have a very effective delivery system: sharp teeth. Getting bit by a cat is like getting an injection, but of bacteria.”

Twelve of the 21 patients who were later hospitalized, and 26 of those immediately hospitalized underwent procedures to flush out the wound or surgically remove infected tissue. Eight required more surgery.

Longer-term complications from infected cat bite wounds included abscesses and loss of joint mobility. People with bites directly over the wrist or joints were more likely to be hospitalized than people with soft tissue bites.

Cat Bites, No Matter How Small, Should Not Be Ignored!

Low Glycemic Pet Diet Benefits

What is the best food for your pet? Consider the benefits of a low glycemic diet.

Glycemic Index (GI), Explained

GI measures how a particular carbohydrate source affects blood sugar levels. GI is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, which compares a given food to pure glucose (GI of 100). Refined simple carbohydrates have the highest GI scores, while unrefined complex carbohydrates have the lowest scores.

Foods with a high GI are rapidly digested, resulting in undesired spikes of blood sugar levels, while low glycemic alternatives are slowly absorbed, resulting in a beneficial gradual increase in blood glucose levels.


Benefits of Low Glycemic Ingredients

Pet foods with a high GI are rapidly digested, resulting in unwanted spikes in blood glucose levels, while low glycemic alternatives are slowly absorbed, resulting in a gradual, normal increase in blood glucose levels. A few benefits of feeding your pet food with low glycemic ingredients:

  • Helps control appetite and keep pets from over eating
  • Lowers the risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes
  • Keeps energy levels balanced throughout the day
  • Tailored for diabetic pets

Low Glycemic Brands Available at the Barkery

The ideal low-glycemic pet foods contain no potato or grains. At the Barkery we have several brands to choose from that fit the low GI criteria. Here are just a few to consider on your next visit, or even shop in our online store:

Please read ingredient list for each product when shopping online as some recipes may differ

Benefits of April Special: American Natural Premium

We’re happy to announce a new line at the Barkery:  American Natural Premium.

ANP is a great way to introduce your pet to premium kibble after long having fed “supermarket” type food.  With a strong list of healthy, natural ingredients, this new food will get your four-legged friend started on a healthier path. Additional features*:
  • Added Prebiotics & Probiotics
  • Added Vitamins & Minerals
  • Corn-Free
  • Wheat-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • By-Product Free
  • All Life Stages Formula
  • 100% USDA-Inspected Ingredients
  • Made in the USA
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*Ingredients may vary per food recipe chosen

Tea Tree Gel for Pets

Have you tried multiple cat litter brands with no success at masking the strong odor? Do you have a hard time keeping your home smell fresh instead of like your pups? Tea tree is the perfect solution!

Tea tree gel allows the natural antiseptic properties of the oils to become airborne through an evaporative release. Luckily, the Barkery now carries tea tree products from Kanberra, including gel containers that are great near cat litter boxes and high traffic areas that canines frequent in the house.

How does Kanberra Gel® work?

At the micro-biotic level, the air itself absorbs the pharmaceutical grade oils. As the air circulates and lands on the source (the mold, mildew, etc.), Kanberra Gel begins neutralizing and eliminating problems, and associated odors, on contact. It does so naturally, with no chemicals. Most importantly, the use of Kanberra Gel acts as a preventive program against these problems for up to 45 days after there is no longer gel in the container.

If you’re ready for a breath of fresh air, stop in today and pick up a tea tree jar from Kanberra!

Downtown Dog Day – April 5th

Downtown Dog Day is coming up and it’s not too late to register online or by mail!

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This one-mile walk will tour Downtown Overland Park, leading from the Farmers’ Market pavilion through 80th street, around Santa Fe Commons park and down Santa Fe. The event is full of festivities including live music, doggy bags full of special offers and treats, puppy adoptions and giveaways. Be sure to dress your doggies up, as judges are eager to hand out prizes for the best dressed dogs. While we love dogs in Downtown Overland Park, they’re not allowed in the Farmers’ Market pavilion on market days so we’re excited to let them have it all to themselves!

This event will support the Great Plains SPCA, Kansas City Metro’s most comprehensive animal welfare organization. They believe that a cat or dog, no matter what, deserves a long, happy, and healthy life.

As a reminder dogs are required to be on non-retractable leashes, and please be courteous and pick up after your dogs. Please do not enter a business with your dog unless there is signage inviting them in.

Register here