Calm Your Pet’s Storm Anxiety with CBD

It’s spring storm season. You see the first flash of lightning, hear the first boom of thunder and you instantly know – your faithful, furry friend is going to be terrified. Not only is watching your best friend in terror heartbreaking, giving your dog a “safe” space and rewarding calm behavior with treats can only go so far. Luckily, The Barkery is here to help – with CBD!

Storm anxiety – along with separation anxiety – is one of the most common anxieties found in dogs. Dogs are often more in tune with their environment than us humans are. Because of this, the barometric changes that happen prior to a storm combined with threatening dark skies, booming thunder and even the smell of a storm can lead to extreme anxiety.

There is a big difference between a dog being caught off guard and startled by a thunderclap and a dog suffering from storm anxiety. If you notice your furry family member displaying one or all of the following behaviors during a storm, there is a good chance they are suffering from anxiety:

  • Shaking
  • Whimpering
  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Hiding
  • Clinging
  • Howling
  • Destructive behavior
  • Loss of appetite

Now that we’ve determined if your dog has storm anxiety or not, you’re probably asking yourself: how does CBD help? CBD blocks the absorption of serotonin in the brain. During this time block, CBD helps produce an elevated level of serotonin in the brain. Ultimately, this leads to reduced fear/anxiety, a calm mind/body and helps your pup function in a normal manner during a storm.

Ready to improve your dog’s quality of life this storm season? Come by either Brookside or Lee’s Summit Barkery location today! A member of our knowledgeable staff will help you select the best CBD product for your pet and have them back to their normal self in no time!

May Special -Tucker’s Raw Frozen

Tucker’s believes a simple carnivore diet offers maximum absorption, so the formulas are extremely simple and limited with 95% meat, bone and organ and only 5% pumpkin. Plus – Tucker’s Raw dog & cat food uses meats that are sourced Human Grade, Human Edible and Federally Inspected, 100% sourced in the USA. Individual vacuum sealed patties offer optimal freshness and ease of handling, taking the “ick factor” out of raw feeding. May is a great time to try Tucker’s Raw Diets from Brookside Barkery, with:

  • $5 off 6lb dog frozen
  • $3 off 3lb dog frozen
  • $3  off 24oz cat frozen
  • $2 off 8oz cat frozen
  • $1 off all raw bones

This promotion only lasts through the end of May! Stop in & talk to a nutrition specialist to see what benefits Tucker’s can have for your pet.

Double Coated Dogs – To Shave or Not to Shave?

Now that the weather is warming up and summer is approaching, you may be wondering – should I be getting my dog shaved? If you own a double coated dog breed like an Alaskan Malamute, Chow Chow, Australian Shepherd or Pomeranian – the answer is NO. Unless it is medically necessary, it is not recommended to shave a dog with a double coat and the Brookside Barkery Groomers are here to tell you why.

Certain breeds were created with the double coat in order for them to better deal with the surrounding climate. The fur on a double coated dog acts as a thermal regulator that both slows down the process of heat absorption in hot weather and insulates the body to protect them from cold weather. Shaving a dog with a double coat not only exposes their skin to harmful UV rays which can cause serious burns, but can also cause overheating.

A double coated dog’s top layer of fur is called their guard hairs. The guard hairs are there to deflect the sun. When you shave a double coated dog, you are removing their guard hairs giving the sun rays direct access to your dog’s skin.

Your dog will naturally get rid of unwanted undercoat hairs during spring shedding, leaving only guard hairs remaining. As annoying as this unwanted shedding can be to us dog owners, once the undercoat has been shed, air can circulate through the guard hairs. This cools your dog’s skin while also protecting them from harmful UV rays.

So next time someone asks you if you’re going to shave your dog to cool them down for summer, educate them and explain that shaving will do the exact opposite!

Do you have more questions for the Brookside Barkery Professional Groomers? Stop by either Brookside or Lee’s Summit location today!

DIY Cat Toys

As most cat owners know, cats will play with just about anything that entertains them.

So why pay for cat toys when you can easily create some of your own with everyday items found around the house? Check out these fun DIY cat toy ideas from The Honest Kitchen and get to creating!

Sock Cat Toys

The next time you start seeing holes in your socks, don’t throw them out. Instead, easily turn them into cat toys. Take one of the socks and roll it up inside the other. Add crinkly paper and some catnip in there before tying the open end of the outer sock into a knot. Give it to your cat or throw it for him to chase.

Toilet Paper Roll Toys

Cat owners know how easily a feline can be entertained—for a time—with the right kind of toy. It can be as simple as a rolled up piece of paper destined for the garbage that didn’t make it into the bin. But after 20 minutes of intense play, that “toy” may easily be forgotten—which is why it is a good idea to have a variety of options. One common household item that lends itself well to this is the toilet paper roll. There are several toys you can make out of these rolls, including balls. It can also be as simple as just giving your cat the roll that he can unwind. When you make the toys, avoid using anything on the rolls that would make them unsafe or toxic, including staples.

Newspaper Toys

All you need is a single sheet of newspaper to create a crumpled-up ball, thick strands torn from the sheet and a loop cut from the edges. Recycle when used and start from scratch (pun intended) with a new sheet.

Straw Toys

Offer your cat a couple plastic drinking straws for batting, chewing, chasing and pounce action. Keep an eye out for the cat chewing pieces of the straw up, though. Replace the straws as needed.

DIY Whack-a-Mole Toy

Have an extra soda or cardboard box laying around? Turn it into a whack-a-mole game for your cat! Cut holes in one side and use your sock toy (or anything else that will work) for hours of DIY cat enrichment.

What cat toys have YOU created that we should add to the list? Have fun playing with your furry friends!


What Exactly Is Prescription Pet Food?

If your furry friend has ever had a chronic illness or food sensitivity, chances are you’ve gone to the vet and may have been told to start feeding your pet prescription food. According to Dog’s Naturally Magazine, the main difference between over the counter pet food and prescription pet food is how expensive they are.  To put it simply, your dog doesn’t need prescription food.

According to Dana Scott, CEO of Dogs Naturally Magazine, the top 5 ingredients in store bought prescription food and prescription food are the same:

  • Chicken by-product meal
  • Corn meal
  • Sorghum
  • Barley
  • Chicken

So, there’s no reason for the foods to require a prescription, since they contain no drug or other ingredient not commonly found in non-prescription pet diets. There is no reason for veterinarians to hand a written “prescription” for dog food that is taken elsewhere to purchase the food.

Now, you might be thinking this is because the prescription diet was formulated and tested with a specific condition in mind. This is completely false. While an over-the-counter food with a health claim (such as controls weight) is subject to FDA regulations and enforcement, the FDA practices “enforcement discretion” when it comes to veterinary diets.

Put another way, this means the FDA has not reviewed or verified the health claims on any veterinary diet. So, if your vet claims your dog needs to be eating a prescription diet, ask to review the ingredient list. Then ask for hard evidence the foods in the prescription diet are any better than those in regular diets.

The Brookside Barkery’s mission is providing “better health through better nutrition” and we’re dedicated to educating our customers so that they can make better decisions. If you think your pet may require a special diet, top by Brookside Barkery today and let our pet nutrition experts guide you and your four-legged best friend to a healthy and happy life!

Source: Dog’s Naturally Magazine 

Brookside Barkery fetches new delivery services

Thanks to Thinking Bigger for this amazing feature about our new online store. We are so excited to offer free local delivery to our 4-legged friends in the Kansas City Metro!

We’re proud to offer free product delivery within a 10-mile radius with a minimum spending requirement of $50.

“As a small, brick-and-mortar business, our concerns of competing with retail giants have been on the horizon for quite some time. Brookside Barkery’s advantage has always existed in the value of the pet products we carry and our incredibly knowledgeable staff,” marketing coordinator Courtney Klitzke said.

“Pet owners come to the Barkery looking for answers and trust our advice, which cannot be replicated by online retailers,” she continued. “Unfortunately, there’s nothing stopping those pet owners from taking our advice, choosing the right products for their pets and then simply putting those items on an automatic delivery schedule through one of many online stores.”

“We believe pet owners shouldn’t have to choose between quality and convenience,” Klitzke said.“Instead, we’ve created a positive, accessible, multi-channel shopping experience for our customers so that whether they’re in-store or shopping from home, the clear choice when shopping for their pets’ favorites is the Barkery.”

Read the full article here. 

April Sale – Lotus Pet Foods

Lotus Natural Food for Pets is a unique line of holistic, oven-baked dry foods, canned stews and raw foods, all created for the long, happy life of your favorite dog or cat.

We’re talking high-quality animal proteins like lamb and poultry, whole fruits and veggies, a unique oil blend bursting with omega-3s and 6s, and energy giving carbs like barley and potatoes, all gently baked into tasty little cookies and savory stews that will have your pet smiling from ear to floppy ear.

Check out what Lotus is offering this month, only at the Barkery:

  • Dog & Cat Cans: $1 Off!
  • NEW Soft Baked Dog Treats: $2 Off!
  • $10 Off Large Bags of Dog Kibble
  • $6 Off Medium Bags of Dog & Cat Kibble
  • $4 Off Small Bags of Dog & Cat Kibble

Busy Schedule? Take Advantage of Barkery’s Food Delivery & Pick-Up/Drop-Off Grooming Services!

Don’t let your busy schedule keep your pets from getting the grooming and quality pet food they need – take advantage of our convenient Barkery Pet Van and Delivery Services! Not only can we deliver the best pet food in Kansas City directly from our store to your front door, but we can also pick up your furry friend for their grooming appointment!

Here are some key things to know when using each service:

Food Delivery:

  • Available at both Brookside and Lee’s Summit locations.
  • Free delivery within 10-miles of our stores with a purchase of $50 or more.
  • All deliveries placed will be delivered by the next business day.
  • Place your order online or by calling your preferred store.
  • A Barkery associate will call to confirm payment and delivery.
  • A Barkery associate can even look up your order history!
  • Click here for more information.


  • Pick-up & Drop-off services are only available at the Brookside location to customers within a 10-mile radius of our Brookside store.
  • Pick-up & Drop-off service is currently available Monday-Friday for Grooming and Bathing appointments.
  • Pick-ups begin at 7 AM and run to 9 AM.
  • Drop-offs occur between 3 PM – 5 PM.
  • You must provide a carrier for dogs 30 lbs or less.
  • All customers must fill out a waiver form.
  • Click here to schedule your appointment.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of Barkery’s convenient pet food delivery and grooming services today!

Nontoxic Flea Prevention

Flea and tick season will be here before you know it, and it’s time to start thinking about how to protect our four-legged friends from them. All of the options for flea and tick treatment and prevention can be overwhelming, especially when you’re looking for products that are all-natural and non-toxic.

According to, “‘There is no such thing as a flea free zone,’ says Steven Rosenfeld, owner of Bronxville, N.Y.-based F.C. Sturtevant. ‘Even if your dog or cat is bathed regularly and has little or no direct contact with other animals, it can become infected when visiting a groomer or even walking from your home to your car when traveling with your pet.’”

If your pet does end up with fleas, it can be really tempting to grab a box of Frontline to treat your pet. But you might not know that brands like Frontline are toxic and can be harmful to not only your pet – but your whole family. Here at Brookside Barkery & Bath, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with superb, all-natural pet products – even when it comes to flea and tick treatment.

Many pet owners may be concerned about the effectiveness of all-natural flea and tick preventative, especially if their dog is frequently outside, in different environments, or at a higher risk for attracting pests. Although it is not 100% chemical free, Seresto Flea and Tick Collars are a smart choice for pet owners that want long-term, less toxic flea control.

We also offer Wondercide Flea, Tick & Mosquito Control for Pets + Home– a natural spray that kills, repels, and prevents fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes without toxic chemicals. It’s great for spraying directly on your pet or around the house.

While the possibility of getting fleas is higher during the spring and summer months, according to, “Pet parents also need to be aware that the possibility of an animal getting a flea or tick
isn’t limited to certain seasons or climates. James Brandly, associate trade marketing manager for Tropiclean, explains that ticks are found at any time and in any place, from a ‘deep woods hike to your afternoon walk through your neighborhood.’”

Stop by Brookside Barkery at either of our locations in Brookside or Lee’s Summit to learn more – or check out our online store for more information.

*Thanks for the info!

What is Animal Chiropractic?

What is Animal Chiropractic ?

Written by Dr. Keenan Massey DC, CAC, Hoof n Paw Animal Chiropractic.

What is animal chiropractic? That’s a question I get asked quite often in my attempts to market my Animal Chiropractic business. I think it would be a safe assumption to make that most people have heard of chiropractic and that many people utilize it every day. It’s a wonderful medicine that can help reduce the aches and pains in our bodies in a non-invasive and more holistic way than traditional medical care. And if it works so well for us then it would make sense that it would work for our four-legged family as well, right?

Animal chiropractic is a relatively new branch of chiropractic, only having officially been around for a few decades now. To be an animal chiropractor you first must either be a Doctor of Chiropractic or a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and then take a post graduate course to become certified in the field. Like with people, animals’ bodies are controlled through their nervous system which is housed in their spinal cord, wrapped up in vertebrae. If any of this comes out of alignment it can impinge the nervous systems ability to send and receive signals throughout the body which can impede the bodies ability to function normally, which can lead to loss of function or disease. Chiropractic looks to help keep the nervous system working to the best of its ability

When you think about it, it makes sense that animals would benefit from chiropractic. While built slightly different from our own, an animals’ body still works in much the same way as ours. While it’s obvious to us that something is painful and could use the benefit of chiropractic, we don’t always notice that our furry loved ones might be in pain as well. An animal in the wild wouldn’t make it very long if it showed any sign of weakness, and our pets still have that drive to act like nothing is wrong even when they might be in some pain. Often, we don’t notice the limp or see signs of pain until the cause of that pain has gotten bad for the animal. I will always promote preventative care to help keep anything bad from happening and while chiropractic won’t always cure an issue, it can help to lessen the symptoms and help the body get back to a better place.

Animal chiropractic can help with all types of animals with all different kinds of lifestyles. From performance and show animals to a typical lazy couch potato family pet, all animals can use some form of adjustment from time to time. Animal athletes are always pushing themselves which could lead to injury and chiropractic can help keep them going as long as possible or help the healing process when an injury does occur. Even the typical house pet goes through more trauma than we would assume they do. Long bodied breeds like Dachshunds are prone to vertebral disc issues and chiropractic can help those disc issues to heal more rapidly. Even jumping down from couches and beds can be hard on a dog’s spine, and chiropractic can help to take some of that trauma out of their bodies.

Chiropractic is really a wonderful medicine, and when used along side traditional veterinary medicine can help keep our fur babies live a long healthy life.

Dr. Keenan Massey DC, CAC developed a love of working with animals when he was an employee of the Brookside Barkery’s Lee’s Summit store back between 2011-2013. Dr. Keenan Massey He left the store to pursue his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2013. During his last year of school, he decided to put his prior work experience and love of animals to use and become an animal chiropractor. He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic University in May 2018 and got his certification to practice on animals later that summer. He opened Hoof n Paw Animal Chiropractic in October 2018 and works out of Arrowhead Veterinary Services and Country Kennel with Dr. Steve Epstein DVM.
If you would like to schedule an appointment with him, you can call or text him at (816) 507-9296 or email him at